When would I need a Voltage Converter transformer

QUES – What are the frequently asked question about voltage conversion?

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    1. I have a 45 Hz LCD TV; will it work well at 55 Hz?

Yes, most of the TVs will get adjusted to changes in frequency. But there are some exceptions also. In case your TV is not getting adapted to the increase in the frequency level, you might have difficulty with the picture quality. It’s good to read the manual of your LCD to know the details.

    1. Why India uses 220V voltage supply?

In the 1950, Britain started using 220V supply. During that time British were ruling India, so the voltage supply in India was also 220V. Today India is a free country but still they are using 220V voltage supply, as it is convenient for them. All their electrical equipment is working well at this voltage supply.

    1. I am migrating from UK to USA. Will my UK manufactured refrigerator work in the USA?

In USA, refrigerators work at 110V and 60Hz power supply. While in UK, the refrigerators work at 220V. Hence you will need to use a voltage transformer to increase the voltage from 110V to 220V. But still the refrigerator will not work that efficiently.

    1. Hi, I am from India. I have recently purchased a US home theater system. How I have to use it so as to ensure that the theater system is working fine?

In India the voltage supply is 220V AC 50 HZ. Hence in order to use any electrical equipment you will need to ensure that this much voltage supply is provided to the electrical equipment. There will be a switch at the back side of the converter. With the help of this switch, you can convert the voltage supply from 120V to 220V. In case there is no such switch, you can ask the manufacturer about which kind of adapter will be suitable for using this home theater in India.