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How to Video Universal outlets video


Hot Rod and Cool Beans Parody: Push it Harder, 110220Volts.com

[Screen will go back and forth between Sales Rep. answering my question on the phone at the front desk, and Customer with the phone on his shoulder in a different place, trying to plug in his stereo into a voltage converter]

Sales Rep.: Hello, 110220Volts.com, how may I help you?

Customer : Yoooo. Sooooo I’m studying abroad and I purchased this voltage converter thing from you and I can’t get the thing to fit in the hole.

Sales Rep.: What thing? 

Customer : Oh the plug, outlet, thingy. I’m trying to plug my stereo in it and it’s not like the outlet stuff at home. It won’t fit, I think you sent me the wrong one.

Sales Rep.: Just line up the plug in a slight angle, and push hard.

Customer : Push it harder?

Sales Rep.: Push it harder.

Customer : Push it harder?

Sales Rep.: Push it harder.