Plug adapter for using Electronics Abroad: Laptops, Cell Phones, iPod, iPad, & Chargers

Laptops, Cell Phones, and IPods…if you’re traveling abroad, there’s a good chance you’re bringing along at least one of these items. To use them abroad, It is important you bring along the right equipment. Luckily, for most of these products, they’re already made to handle the range of voltages different outlets emit across the world. For example, my cell phone charger here says 110-240v…so it can handle the entire range of different voltages. It can not, on the other hand, fit into any plug outlet across the world…yet. It needs a plug adapter. There are over 8 different types of plugs across the world, so we recommend you research what types the country you are visiting, uses. With the customer in mind, here at we now organize our plug adapter kits by individual country, so no matter where in the world you’re going, you’ll be prepared. To find those kits along with more information on voltage converters, please visit our site at

What is a plug adapter anyway?

Plug adapters are a device that allow you connect your appliance to the outlet. Thanks to it’s two sides, first side has a socket where your plug can fit in, then the other side will fit into foreign wall outlets. This allows your equipment to receive the electricity from the outlet.