How To Pack For An Unforgettable Destination Wedding

  1. Destination weddings offer an unforgettable way for newlyweds to start their lives together. All that fairy tale romance can come crashing down if someone’s missing a passport or their medication, however. Before traveling to a destination wedding, brides, grooms, and guests need to make sure they have all the essentials for an overseas trip.

    First of all, travelers to a destination wedding will need to ensure that they have all their papers in order. Travelers will need their passports, as well as their driver’s licenses or other government-issued photo ID. The bride and groom will also need to have marriage certificates or other legal paperwork concerning their marriage.

    Other important types of gear destination wedding travelers will need to bring along is their smartphone or an international cellular phone, any medication they may require, and hard currency. They’ll also need voltage converters to allow any American-made electronics they may be packing to safely charge from foreign outlets.

    Learn more about destination travel in this helpful infographic from 110220Volts.