Going Green to help you save money and save the planet

Going Green can help you protect our planet while saving money. Did you know that a study showed the most environmentally friendly way to shop is buying online? You use more energy by driving to a retail store and purchasing your items and driving back home than ordering online.

Reduce your carbon dioxide emissions and purchase your goods online. You will be saving some green while helping our planet! Overseas Best Buy, Inc. (www.110220Volts.com) has joined the cause by increasing its recycling and using high-efficiency lighting.

We have taken action by recycling:

  • All cardboard for purchase
  • Warehouses bales or containerizes
  • Plastic shrink wrap
  • All old and damaged wood pallets are turned into mulch at recycling centers
  • Plastic and aluminum container
  • Recycled paper is used as fill material where necessary.
  • Where possible with very small items, Jiffy mailer envelopes are used which are made from recycled material and are very cost effective

We have implemented the following for office paper reduction:

  • Reports are being generated in electronic file format rather than being printed and distributed around the offices
  • Invoices are being sent electronically via email rather than printed and mailed

We have implemented the following for energy conservation:

  • Motion sensors in all offices
  • Heating and cooling units have been equipped with timers
  • Computer equipment is turned off when not in use
  • High-energy, efficient light fixtures have been installed in all warehouses
  • All outdoor lights have new photocell installed
  • New server system that uses less energy