International Satellite System

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive channels that are digital MPEG2 and not scrambled. You can find a listing of these channels (and others) on or .

Normally, within the boundaries of the continental US, you can use a 75cm dish. Fringe areas should use a 90cm or larger dish. Southern Canada or Northern Mexico should use 90cm or larger.

No, no one can guarantee “free channels.” You will receive these channels as long as they remain free and in the clear (not scrambled). We provide hardware (receiver, LNBF, dish) and not software (programming). We make no guarantees or claims about programming.

Yes, it will receive C-band and Ku-band. Of course C-band requires a larger dish, a C-band feed, and LNB.

Yes, you can. If you want to receive Ku-band signals on your C-band dish, you must have a Ku LNB on you feed system. This will usually require a C to C/Ku upgrade kit.

The satellite you want to use will be determined by the programming you want to view. Telstar 5 is a very popular satellite for ethnic channels, Bloomberg, etc. Locate your satellite/programming on one of the web sites listed above and align your dish to that satellite.

I suggest that you purchase a inexpensive signal meter for this purpose. Our high end system comes with a signal meter. Of course the signal meter can be purchased separately. Ask for the SF-95 meter.

 Take a look at You can get an idea of the available programming from that site.

We will exchange any unit that fails within the first 30 days of ownership. One year parts and labor warranty from the manufacture. A copy of your original invoice will be required as proof of purchase.

We currently sell only 0.6dB LNBFs.

One year exchange warranty from the manufacture. A copy of your invoice will be required as proof of purchase.

You will need a dual LNBF. Normally, this will be a direct replacement for your existing LNBF. You will need to run a second coax from the dual LNBF to your second receiver.

Yes, you will need two diplexers; one to combine the signal on the outside and another one to separate those signals on the inside of your home.

You will need the dual LNBF and a device called a multi-switch which allows for several receivers. The most common is a four receiver switch