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Travel Plug Adapters By Country

As technology continues to advance we take our devices with us everywhere we go. In fact, anyone under the age of 40 finds it difficult to spend more than 24 hours without their cell phone, tablet or laptop computer. In a day and age of internet connectivity being affordable and constant most travelers do not want to spend more than one or two days being disconnected. Those traveling for business find it nearly impossible to disconnect for more than a handful of hours.
Whether you are using your iPod for a morning jog or an iPhone to send out a company email it is essential to have the device charged before using it. When in foreign countries internet devices tend to drain their battery more quickly because they are constantly searching or locating the closest wifi or network connection. There are ways to reduce the “stress” on these devices but users will still find that a battery does not last more than 24 to 36 hours.
When doing your research for the correct travel plug adapter you will want one with 110 to 220 volts as this is the type of plug that is compliant with almost any electronic charging device in over 150 countries. Whether you are going to the United Kingdom, United States, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore or Hong Kong our travel plug adapter will allow you to charge your smartphone, laptop, digital camera or tablet.

Adapter index by country

To make your travels stress free we offer travel plug adapters in all shapes and sizes. These adapters will come with surge protection and a warranty. We carry over 30 different plugs for countries around the world. The universal plug adapter will make life much easier when travelling as it will allow you to plug any almost charger into it.
If you prefer an alternative to a universal plug adapter you may want to consider a European travel adapter. This all purpose foreign adapter can be used for many devices in different parts of the world. The European travel plug adapter with 110 to 220 volts can be used in almost any country throughout the world as it supports ranges from 100 to 240 volts. When traveling to Japan you will find 100 volts necessary with 110 volts the norm in the United States. In Europe, you will need a 220 volt adapter. If you have any questions about which adapters are needed for your trip feel free to give us a telephone call any time at 1-800-827-9978.
At 110220volts.com we strive to provide you with the travel plug adapter you will need when taking a vacation, traveling abroad for studies or moving to another location. The sooner you place your order the sooner you will get your items and be rest assured that you can charge your iPhone, Android phone, tablets or laptops when you are not in your home country.