Checklist For Moving Abroad

  1. So you are moving abroad! Congratulations! This is a new chapter in your life! However, before you turn the page, it’s important that you close out the old chapter. Moving abroad presents complications in several ways, from dealing with visas to having to say goodbye to loved ones.


    The most important thing when planning your move overseas is to stay organized. Start a checklist of all the things you must get done before you leave. Organize your list by packing, paperwork, what to purchase, and other decisions.


    Paperwork and administrative errands will take up a lot of your time. Be sure your passport is current and isn’t expiring anytime soon. Also, make sure your visa paperwork is successfully filed. This should be done before everything. Turning off monthly services, such as phones and utilities, needs to be thought of as well.


    You will also want to do some research as to where you are going and what you need to get before you go. For example, for your electronics, you might need voltage converters or travel plug adapters. If necessary, you might need to take some language classes. Also, be sure to have the proper luggage.


    Moving abroad is scary, but you can take some of the fear out by getting prepared. Check out the below infographic to use as a guide for your moving abroad checklist!