How to change electricity from 110v to 220v

What is voltage conversion?

is what this black mystery box, [hold up voltage converter] does. Now despite what I first thought when I saw one, this is not like the box they used in Ghostbusters to trap all their ghosts. [flash to quick moment, in Ghostbusters costume, saying There’s something I forget to tell you. Wear Moustache, use green screen. What’s that? Don’t cross the streams!] It’s much simpler than that, as this is called a voltage converter or voltage transformer. This device coverts voltage, changing the electricity from 220 volts into 110 volts or vice-versa. [show the numbers in the graphic switching positions] It does this using a true magnetic copper coil, [show the inside of the box] located inside the box. This one in particular uses the best kind of coil, a true magnetic copper coil, as do all are our converters

If you’re planning to travel another country, should become familiar with voltage converters. They may prove crucial if you want to use your personal items, such as a blender [pop blender on screen] or electric shaver [pop in hand] in another country. It can also be used for multiple electronic devices, including those kitchen appliances that you want to use overseas. Before you travel, we recommend you research what electricity voltage (110 volts or 220 volts) is used in the country you’ll be going to.

Fortunately, if you have any questions on which voltage converter is right for you, please click on the link seen now [shown link to other video] Or visit our Voltage Converter Help Page , the link for which can be found in the information section of this video. In addition, you’ll find information on our plug adapters, another crucial item you’ll need when traveling to another country.