Finding the correct voltage converter transformer for your electronic and electric items that consume 500 watts or less

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What you need to know about selecting voltage converters

When traveling overseas you should be asking yourself the following:
How do I select the correct voltage converter/transformer for my equipment? ( Step down or step up) How many watts/amps do I need for my converter to work with the equipment I have? Should I purchase a voltage converter/transformer that is more powerful than my equipment?If so, how much more power (watts/amps) should my converter be able to handle? Because these questions should be on your mind when planing a trip overseas, 110220 volts has created a tool that will help you answer these questions. Go to our Voltage Converter Finder answer a simple 4 question questionnaire about your equipment, and get a list of what are the voltage converter/transformers that will work for your specific needs.

The converters you find listed on the grid above all posses the step up feature in common, which converters 220-240 Volt items (220 volts American it’s not included in this category ) just as electronic/electric items such as Radios,lights, TVs, DVDs, and VCRs,of which wattage consumption does not exceed 500 watts,to function in countries with power source of 110-120 Volts.

Other items can be acknowledges in this category as well. desktop computers,non-professional rated printers, camera and cellphone chargers, electric tooth brushes, portable DVD players,DVRs,Home theater systems, TV’s,hair styling tools, and some small appliances. Prior to the purchase of a voltage converter, It’s important to learn the power consumption of the equipment you are trying to use in a different country. That information it’s crucial in determining what it’s the best voltage converter to fulfill your needs. Please visit our Voltage Converter Finder for assistance.

Note: voltage converters should NEVER be used at 100% capacity. Please make sure to calculate a 30% slack for you converter to work with for non-motorized equipment, and 100% slack for motorized equipment. Example: a laptop (non-motorized equipment) that consumes 70 watts to work needs a 100 watt converter/transformer (30% Slack). While a small shaver (motorized) that consumes 50 watts also needs a 100 watt converter.transformer(100% slack) to be able to operate properly.