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  • Wonpro Universal travel adapter plug WA-6, wholesale box of 500 units

    Wonpro Universal travel adapter plug WA-6, wholesale box of 500 units

    • WA-6 USA Ungrounded plug adapter
    • Wonpro Universal Travel Adapter Series
    • In Ivory
    • Material: Made of ABS fireproof /High-grade copper of metal parts
    • Approval: CE/RoHS Product
    • Functions: 1. Patent universal receptacle can accept different plugs all over the world.
    • 2. 22 kinds of plugs, including all plugs all over the world, can be optional
    • Universal Input: Plugs from Any Country (except the big South Africa 8.7mm Plug)
    • Single Output: Suitable for All Over the World
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1 Item(s)

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More information about Wonpro:

Xiamen Shenlu Wonpro Electrical Co., Ltd

No.1 Socket & Plug in the World Wonpro, is the mother of universal receptacle, and the creator of universal receptacle. Wonpro, the first world-patented brand, establishes the kingdom of Universal Travel Adapter. Wonpro, have patented its products in more than 50 countries, is generally recognized the No. 1 brand of high-grade low-voltage electrical product. Wonpro, is a super excellence manufacturer and supplier of high-grade low-voltage electrical product. We independently research, develop and professionally manufactured Wonpro advanced European type household switch, socket, universal receptacle, universal travel adapter, industrial socket, dynamo LED torch, plug, power strip, Universal socket extension, power cord series etc. Wonpro, established in 1989, has a R&D center, whose class and strengthen keep ahead in the world. We build manufacturing factory ourselves in Xiamen which have reputation international Garden City and locates in the east-south of China, build global customer center, and manufacturing center and quality management center, run integration modern management system and serve all customers from all over the world. All products are manufactured completely in conformity to the requirement of ISO9001:2000 international quality management system. Our products have obtained the certificate of CCC (China Compulsion Certificate) , IEC884, IEC669 of International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) , CE of EU, RoHS, , and have received Adopting International Standard Product Marking Certificate. Our products widely are used and sold well in various factories for industry manufacture, manufacturers of power supply and its auxiliary facilities, units of administration system such as banks and post offices, computer corporation, super-market, mall, lock shops of various department stores, arcades of hardware and chemicals, design and installation companies of water supply and power supply projects, decoration and design sector, real estate developer, construction design institute, construction engineering corporation, touring group and travel agency , etc We devote to create universal receptacle to connect all parts of the world and provide all kinds of excellent solutions that freely accept and between all kinds of plug and socket in the whole world. And always regard supplying convenient safety and high-grade household and industry electrical appliance accessories to numerous consumers as our duties. We have taken the lead in creating universal safety receptacle to unify all kinds of plugs all over the world, built the global village of universal receptacle, and concentrated the conception of global village on the panel of Wonpro universal safety receptacle. Wonpro global integration products, superior in design beyond compare and high quality, firstly lead the world, solely step the global, go deep the human life, and make all human being more safe, free and happy in the future life.