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Voltage Converter Finder for Travel or Relocation


Answer the following questions to find out which converter / transformer will work for you:

What is the voltage of the item you want to use? (1 of 4) Help???

110~120 Volts 60 HZ (USA/CANADA Item)
220~240 Volts 50 HZ (EUROPE/ASIA/AFRICA Item)
100~240 Volts 60/50 HZ (World wide compatible Item)

Your item is already Dual Voltage. All you need is a Plug Adapter.
Which is the category that best defines your item? (2 of 4) Help???

What is the voltage of the country in which you are going to use your item? (3 of 4) Help???

110~120 Volts 60 HZ (USA/CANADA)
220~240 Volts 50 HZ (EUROPE/ASIA/AFRICA)
How many WATTS or AMPS does your item use? (4 of 4) Help???


Are you planning a vacation to Europe but confused about what kind of voltage converter to bring? The answers are all here! Because of the voltage difference between the Americas and Europe, you need to bring a voltage converter or transformer on your trip with you. Europe uses 220V, and the United States only uses 110V. So if you try to plug something in when you’re in Europe, you will damage your appliance and maybe even cause harm to yourself! So it’s very important to get the right voltage converter or transformer.

A few of the electronics you want to bring may be dual-volt. This means you can use it in Europe without a voltage converter. Look for the voltage rating on your appliance. If it says 110V-220V, then you don’t have to use a voltage converter with it! If it says 110V or 120V, this means it is only single-volt. You need to buy a voltage converter for these appliances.

So what is the first thing you should do? Well, find out the wattage. This should be written somewhere on the appliance. If you can’t find it, multiply the voltage by the amp. This number is the wattage, and the voltage converter you buy should have a wattage that is 25% higher, or more. If it doesn’t, it may not last as long.

But, even if you buy the correct voltage converter or transformer, your electrical devices will still be useless without a plug adapter! Be sure to buy the correct plug adapter, and then you’ll be ready to go to France, Switzerland, Italy, or Greece!

But if you forget to buy a voltage converter/adapter and a plug adapter before you leave, you could spend your trip finding electronics stores that carry them!