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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS - 220 Volt Power Battery Backup System)

Battery Back UPS for 220 Volts, use them when you are overseas

When you're traveling to Europe or Asia, one of the most common pieces of advice you'll here is to make sure you have a plan—and even more so, have a backup plan. It's not that these places are necessarily dangerous, or even technologically backward, but they are very different and can often leave visitors who aren't adequately prepared feeling lost or confused.

How much more appropriate then, in the age where we depend so heavily on our electronics, that you be prepared to power your devices properly. That's why we offer 220V Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. Do you know off the top of your head how many volts an outlet produces in Sri Lanka? How about China, Scotland, France, or the Czech Republic? Well, actually, the answer to all of those is more or less 220V or 230V, but knowing is just half the battle, and that doesn't mean they are safe from power fluctuations.

So what do you do when all of your electronics are supported on a different voltage level? Plugging them in with a simple non-converting adapter may leave you susceptible to a fire or other serious damage to you, the outlet, or your device. The UPS power backup will protect your device or appliance from powerful fluctuations, and keep American devices, which run at 110V from frying. Typically, any kind of electric razor, kitchen appliance, or other daily use tool can die out very quickly if not hooked up to the proper voltage. It forces the machine to run harder than it was designed to, and will ultimately ware it out.

While some devices already have this technology, such as some laptops and smartphones, any other appliance you use will require one of these systems if you want to preserve the life of your electronics. Don't rely on faulty buildings and interruptible power supplies—even normal step-up converters are vulnerable to 220 volt ups—to keep your most useful possessions safe: take the comfort and security of a UPS 220 volt system on your trip and you'll be sure to have everything you need working properly.

Protect what's important, keep your data safe from a random surge or blowout. Don't let outages or bad fuses ruin a perfectly good trip. All of our UPS 220 systems will give you the backup you need when it counts. Their simple design lends itself to plug-and-play action, and it's equipped with an alarm so that you know when a charge is low. The safe design protects from surges, fuses, and overloaded circuits.

Save yourself both time and money when you purchase one of these machines. They are durable, reliable, and are sure to keep you productive, your electronics safe, and money in your pocket—instead of having to replace other converters or broken equipment. An uninterruptible power supply isn't just a smart purchase, it's an investment in the life of your most prized electronics and appliances. Make any experience you have abroad a memorable one rather than a miserable one—don't let a faulty power supply stop you from using your equipment to its fullest.

At 110220Volts, we offer you all of the best in UPS power backup, shop our store today!