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Samsung 46" UA-46C5000 Multisystem LED TV FOR 110-220 VOLTS Zoom

Samsung 46" UA-46C5000 Multisystem LED TV FOR 110-220 VOLTS

This model has been discontinued, for the newer model that replaces this model see details below, or go to the replacement model.

Product Availability: Discontinued

Replacement model:

Samsung 46" UA46D5000 Multisystem LED TV 110 220 Volts
Price: $1,059.99
Product Description


    There can be only one thinnest, clearest, most elegant television. Samsung's UA-46C5000 has an advanced LED backlight which boosts picture contrast by expanding the range of gray tones from deep black t
  1. brilliant white. You'll als
  2. notice a wider palette of available colors ? primarily deeper reds and greens. LEDs are more energy-efficient than conventional fluorescent backlights, too. They offer the best picture quality and slimmest design of all televisions currently available. This tv als
  3. is has Full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080.
  4. Worldwide NTSC/PAL/SECAM Color System
  5. Worldwide NTSC, PAL BG, PAL I, Secam BG, DK/ PAL DK TV tuners
  6. World Wide Voltage Supply AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

    Key Features of Samsung UA-46C5000:

  7. Model: Samsung UA-46C5000 Multi System LED TV
  8. 46" LED TV with 4 HDMI inputs and PC input
  9. 100 hz / 120 hz technology for excellent picture quality.
  10. Ultra-thin tv, with famous LED backlight
  11. high-gloss black finish
  12. World-Wide NTSC/PAL/SECAM Color System
  13. DVB-T, PAL BG/PAL I/Secam BG, DK/ PAL DK TV tuners
  14. World Wide Dual Voltage
  15. AllShare? vide
  16. and music streaming from a DLNA-compatible Windows? PC (wireless streaming requires Samsung's USB adapter)
  17. built-in stere
  18. speakers (10 watts x 2)
  19. illuminated remote control
  20. Anynet+ simplifies control of compatible Samsung components via the HDMI connection (HDMI-CEC)
  21. meets ENERGY STAR? 4.0 requirements
  22. picture settings memory for each vide
  23. input

    Connections and Dimensions:

  24. 5 A/V inputs, including:
  25. 1 component vide
  26. (selectable component/composite)
  27. 4 HDMI v1.3 ? accepts signals up t
  28. 1080p (60Hz, 24Hz)
  29. PC input: analog RGB (D-Sub 15-pin)
  30. RF input for antenna/cable signals
  31. optical digital audi
  32. output
  33. 2 USB ports (1 for connecting t
  34. a camera or thumb drive, 1 for use with Samsung's wireless USB adapter)
  35. detachable swivel stand (stand"footprint" is 20-1/2"W x 10-1/8"D)
  36. wall-mountable (bracket not included)
  37. 43-5/8"W x 26-1/2"H x 1-1/4"D (28-7/8"H x 10-7/8"D on stand)
  38. weight: 43.4 lbs. with stand; 34.6 lbs. without stand


  39. Features

    LED Edge-Lighting: Samsung's LED Edge-Ligting technology allows for an high dynamic contrast rati
  40. of 3,000,000:1, and ultra-sharp blacks by allowing multiple LEDs t
  41. turn on an off automatically based on the image. The LED backlight als
  42. provides more natural color representation and deep reds and greens because Samsung uses white LEDs that produce 105% of the broadcast color gamut. The television's white LEDs are arranged along the left and right edges of the screen and a proprietary light guide is used t
  43. focus its luminance inwards towards the middle of the screen for a more uniform brightness. Overall, this LED Backlight system produces contrast with stronger blacks and whites, and greater subtlety of every gradation in between. Ultra Clear Panel: With Samsung's Ultra Clear Panel colors are more vibrant, brighter, and clearer. This ultra clear panel technology als
  44. enhances contrast and reduces reflection s
  45. you can enjoy an overall outstanding viewing experience. Wide Color Enhancer Plus: The Samsung LED TV features Wide Color Enhancer Plus t
  46. provide more natural, realistic colors. The challenge of any TV screen is t
  47. recreate reality through color and light. Samsung met this challenge with its Wide Color Enhancer Pr
  48. feature. After analyzing each pixel, it stretches them t
  49. their 3-dimensional limit; resulting in full and lifelike colors. Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio: This LED TV has a 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, giving you brilliant brightness and contrast for superior picture and detail from both PC and TV images. LED Motion Plus: LED Motion Plus removes drag from fast scenes with a lot of movement t
  50. provide a clear picture. Native Resolution: The LED television displays all inputs at a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080). The television's HDMI and component vide
  51. inputs will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i vide
  52. signals. Vide
  53. Inputs: The Samsung LED TV features HDMI, Component, and Composite vide
  54. inputs.
  55. HDMI: The four rear-panel HDMI inputs can be used t
  56. connect a DVD player, Blu-ray player, HDTV or Satellite Set-top box with an HDMI output. The HDMI 1 input can als
  57. be used t
  58. connect a device with a DVI output (a DVI-to-HDMI adapter cable is necessary). If a DVI-equipped device is used, a separate audi
  59. cable will als
  60. be needed from the device t
  61. the"PC/DVI Audi
  62. In" 3.5mm stere
  63. audi
  64. jack. N
  65. audi
  66. cables are needed for an HDMI-equipped device. The HDMI input can als
  67. be used t
  68. connect a PC t
  69. this TV. The HDMI jack will accept 1080p (60/24Hz),1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i signals.
  70. Component Video: The rear-panel Component Vide
  71. input will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i signals. The Component Vide
  72. 1 input can als
  73. be used as a composite vide
  74. input (480i only).

    Screen Sizes: You can choose one of the following screen sizes:

  75. 16:9: Sets the picture t
  76. 16:9 wide mode.
  77. Zoom 1: Vertically enlarges the size of the picture and allows you t
  78. move the enlarged picture using the arrows on the remote.
  79. Zoom 2: Vertically enlarges the size of the picture more than Zoom 1 and allows you t
  80. move the enlarged picture using the arrows on the remote.
  81. Wide Fit: Proportionally enlarges the picture t
  82. fit the entire screen without changing the aspect ratio.
  83. 4:3: Sets the picture t
  84. 4:3 normal mode with pillars on the left and right of the screen.
  85. Screen Fit: See the full image with n
  86. resizing when HDMI (720p/1080i/180p) or Component (1080i/1080p) signals are inputted

    Picture Control: You can make the following adjustment for an optimum picture:

  87. Automatic Picture Settings:
  88. Standard: for the optimum display in a normal environment
  89. Dynamic: >for high-definition in a bright room
  90. Movie: for viewing movies in a dark room
  91. Manual Picture Settings:
  92. Backlight: adjusts the brightness of the LED backlight
  93. Contrast: adjusts the contrast level of the picture
  94. Brightness: adjusts the brightness level of the picture
  95. Sharpness: adjusts the edge definition of the picture
  96. Color: adjusts the color saturation of the picture
  97. Tint (G/R): adjusts the color tint of the picture
  98. Advanced Picture Settings:
  99. Black Tone: adjusts the black level on the screen t
  100. adjust the screen depth
  101. Dynamic Contrast: adjusts the screen contrast s
  102. that the optimal contrast is provided
  103. Shadow Detail: increase the brightness of dark images
  104. Gamma: adjusts the primary color (red, green, blue) intensity from -3 t
  105. +3
  106. RGB Only Mode: displays the Red, Green, and Blue color for making find adjustments t
  107. the hue and saturation
  108. Color Space: adjusts the range of colors available t
  109. create the image (Auto/Native)
  110. Color Tone: adjusts the overall color tone of the televisions using one of four presets: Cool, Normal, Warm 1, Warm 2
  111. Flesh Tone: emphasize the pink flesh tone in a picture
  112. White Balance: adjusts the color temperature for more natural picture colors
  113. Edge Enhancement: emphasize object boundaries in the picture
    Power:100-110-220-240 Volts 50/60 HZ (WORLDWIDE USE)
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