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Samasung 32inch UA-32EH5300 Smart LED Multisystem TV 110 220 Volts Zoom

Samasung 32inch UA-32EH5300 Smart LED Multisystem TV 110 220 Volts

This model has been discontinued, for the newer model that replaces this model see details below, or go to the replacement model.

Product Availability: Discontinued

Replacement model:

Samsung UA-32H4100 32 LED LCD Multisystem TV for 110-220 volts
Price: $399.99
Product Description


    The Samsung EH5300 delivers Internet TV at its best. This series goes far beyond basic TV Entertainment to feature a full web Browser with Skype, a wide variety of apps for internet TV, a compatible keyboard and mouse, and wireless control and sharing from your TV. With three HDMI inputs and Connectshare Movie USB inputs enjoy viewing and sharing your own videos, pictures, and music directly through the TV. With the Cloud sharing feature, you do not even have to be at home to share your media. Its slim design and vivid picture quality make it an excellent view for the eyes and your living room. Get the full TV Internet experience with the EH5300 series and enjoy this mulitsystem TV in nearly any country.

  1. Full HD panel and Direct LED backlight for bright, sharp images
  2. Ultra-thin bezel for full immerse viewing
  3. Smart TV with SKYPE?, web browsing, apps and more
  4. Wireless LAN adapter ready
  5. Three HDMI inputs and twin versatile ConnectShare? Movie USB inputs
  6. Crisp, sharp images in Full High Definition

    The Full HD display always delivers a crisp, vivid picture, whether in Freeview|HD broadcasts, 1080p, or in text when web browsing mode. Its HyperReal Engine processor optimizes each pixel for the clearest HD content available.

  7. Smart TV: Share, Download Apps, SKYPE? and more?

    Samsung's Smart TV offers instant access to a variety of apps, web browsing, and much more. THe updates 2012 version features new, more personalized services such as Family Story, Kids and Fitness. This Smart Series is directed to a more personal level and connection with technology.

  8. Benefit from a beautifully slim bezel

    The EH5300 series is slimmer than conventional Samsung LCD TVs. Its slim bezel and clean, minimalistic design accentuates the picture while adding a sharp, non bulky appearance to you living room.

  9. Bright, vivid images and exceptional contrast

    The LED backlight is automatically adjusted according to the video signal to always deliver the best contrast and bright, clear images.

  10. Fully Loaded Smart TV Features

    The Smart TV features have been improved to make the most out of the internet TV experience. The Full Web Browser is HTML5 and Flash compatible making everything appear as it should when surfing the net. The USB keyboard and mouse compatibility makes inputting text on a conventional TV remotes control unnecessary. Get the full internet experience directly from this TV.

  11. Contrast aided by cell light control technology

    Samsung's cell light control technology automatically shuts off black pixels, end result is an amazing contrast with the deepest blacks.

  12. Stay in touch with SKYPE

    Skype easily and instantly by connecting the Skype camera to the USB input. Never miss a call when watching TV because SKYPE can work in the background. The Skype feature: - Supports video calls up to 720p HD for outstanding clarity - Picture in Picture view lets you see how you look to the person on the other side

  13. Intelligent Light Sensor

    Samsung's unique intelligent light sensor measures the intensity of the room's light then automatically calibrates the on-screen picture brightness to match to the viewing environment. In brighter environments, the screen is made brighter to improve clarity. In dimmer settings, the intensity is reduced. This Smart TV is designed to give you the most in your viewing experience, no matter the room environment.

  14. High Energy Star Rating

    Ranking at 7 Stars on the Energy rating, the EH5300 series delivers a total immerse internet/TV viewing viewing experience and does so while consuming the minimalist energy.

  15. Cloud sharing

    The Cloud Sharing feature gives you the flexibility to access and share your favorite content when away from home by simply uploading Cloud-enable devices and streaming them on your Samsung Smart TV.

  16. Watch and listen from USB - ConnectShare? Movie

    With the ConnectShare Movie USB function, connect your USB storage devices, including external hard drives directly to the TV and conveniently enjoy your favorite videos (such as MKV, DivxHD and WMV files), photos, and music.

  17. Content across all your compatible devices

    With the AllShare Play , all your compatible wireless devices unite through DLNA technology allowing your favorite movies, photos and music to be shared, streamed, listened and views all on your Smart TV. Even Wi-Fi Direct devices can send the contact directly to your TV without having to go through your home wireless route.


    Multisystem Features

  18. Worldwide NTSC/PAL/SECAM Color System
  19. Worldwide NTSC, PAL BG, PAL I, Secam BG, DK/ PAL DK TV tuners
  20. World Wide Voltage Supply AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz


  21. Screen Size - 32
  22. Resolution - 1,920 x 1,080
  23. Wide Color Enhancer - Wide Color Enhancer Plus
  24. Ultra Clear Panel -No
  25. Digital Noise Filter - Yes
  26. Clear Motion Rate -100
  27. Micro Dimming - No


  28. 3D Sound - No
  29. Dolby - Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby Pulse
  30. SRS - SRS TheatreSound HD
  31. dts 2.0+Digital Out - Yes
  32. Sound output (RMS) - 10 watts x 2
  33. Speaker Type - Down Firing + Full Range
  34. Auto Volume Leveller - Yes


  35. HDMI - 3
  36. USB - 2
  37. Headphone -1
  38. Wireless LAN Built-in - No
  39. Component In (Y/Pb/Pr) - 1
  40. Composite In (AV) -1 (Common Use for Component Y)
  41. Digital Audio Out (Optical) - 1
  42. PC In (D-sub) - No
  43. Scart - No
  44. RF In (Terrestrial/Cable Input) - 1
  45. RF In (Satellite input) - No
  46. PC Audio In (Mini Jack) - No
  47. DVI Audio In (Mini Jack) - 1 (Common Use for PC Audio in)
  48. Audio Out L-R (Mini Jack) -No
  49. Ethernet (LAN) - 1
  50. MHL - No

    Smart TV Functionality

  51. Samsung Apps - Yes
  52. Family Story - Yes
  53. Samsung SMART TV - Yes
  54. Fitness - Yes
  55. Search All - Yes
  56. Kids - Yes
  57. Skype? on Samsung TV - Yes
  58. Smart Hub -Yes
  59. Social TV -Yes
  60. Web Browser - Yes
  61. Your Video -Yes


  62. Front Color - Black
  63. Light Effect - No
  64. Stand Type - Round
  65. Swivel (left/right) - No
  66. Bezel Type - D2


  67. Power Supply - AC100 - 240V 50 / 60Hz
  68. Intelligent Light Sensor - Yes
  69. Auto Power Off - Yes
  70. Clock & On/Off Timer - Yes
  71. Power Consumption (Stand-by) - Under 0.3 watts
  72. Sleep Timer - Yes

    Dimension (WxHxD)

  73. Set without Stand - 738.3 x 444.9 x 93.2mm
  74. Set with Stand - 738.3 x 498.2 x 191.9mm
  75. Package - 902 x 530 x 162mm


  76. Set without Stand -5.8kg
  77. Set with Stand - 6.5kg
  78. Package (kg) - 8
    Power: 100-110-220-240 Volts 50/60 HZ (WORLDWIDE USE)
    System: Multisystem


    Screen Size - 32
    Resolution - 1,920 x
    1,080 Wide Color
    Enhancer - Wide
    Color Enhancer Plus
    Ultra Clear Panel -
    No Digital Noise
    Filter - Yes Clear
    Motion Rate - 100
    Micro Dimming - No

    Audio 3D Sound -
    No Dolby - Dolby
    Digital Plus / Dolby
    Pulse SRS - SRS
    TheatreSound HD dts
    2.0+Digital Out -
    Yes Sound output
    (RMS) - 10 watts x 2
    Speaker Type - Down
    Firing + Full Range
    Auto Volume Leveller
    - Yes

    Connectivity HDMI
    - 3 USB - 2
    Headphone - 1
    Wireless LAN
    Built-in - No
    Component In
    (Y/Pb/Pr) - 1
    Composite In (AV) -
    1 (Common Use for
    Component Y) Digital
    Audio Out (Optical)
    - 1 PC In (D-sub) -
    No Scart - No RF In
    Input) - 1 RF In
    (Satellite input) -
    No PC Audio In (Mini
    Jack) - No DVI Audio
    In (Mini Jack) - 1
    (Common Use for PC
    Audio in) Audio Out
    L-R (Mini Jack) - No
    Ethernet (LAN) - 1
    MHL - No

    Smart TV
    Samsung Apps - Yes
    Family Story - Yes
    Samsung SMART TV -
    Yes Fitness - Yes
    Search All - Yes
    Kids - Yes Skype? on
    Samsung TV - Yes
    Smart Hub - Yes
    Social TV - Yes Web
    Browser - Yes Your
    Video - Yes

    Design Front
    Color - Black Light
    Effect - No Stand
    Type - Round Swivel
    (left/right) - No
    Bezel Type - D2

    Power Power
    Supply - AC100 -
    240V 50 / 60Hz
    Intelligent Light
    Sensor - Yes Auto
    Power Off - Yes
    Clock & On/Off Timer
    - Yes Power
    (Stand-by) - Under
    0.3 watts Sleep
    Timer - Yes

    Dimension (WxHxD)
    Set without Stand -
    738.3 x 444.9 x
    93.2mm Set with
    Stand - 738.3 x
    498.2 x 191.9mm
    Package - 902 x 530
    x 162mm

    Set without Stand -
    5.8kg Set with Stand
    - 6.5kg Package (kg)
    - 8

    Accessory 3D
    Active Glasses
    (Included) - No MoIP
    Camera - No Samsung
    Smart Touch Control
    (Included) - No
    Remote Controller
    Model - TM1250
    Samsung IR Blaster
    (Included) - No
    Wireless Keyboard -
    No Battery (for
    Remote Control) -
    Yes Ultra Slim Wall
    Mount Support - No
    VESA Wall Mount
    Support - Yes Slim
    Gender Cable - No
    ANT-Cable - No Power
    Cable - Yes User
    Manual - Yes
    E-Manual - Yes
    Wireless LAN Adaptor
    (Included) - No Mini
    Wall Mount Support -

    Smart Content
    Recent History - No

    Smart Convenience
    Personal Video
    Recorder Ready - No
    Time Shift Ready -
    No ConnectShare?
    (USB 2.0) - Movie
    Smart Phone Remote
    supported - Yes
    Wirelss LAN Adapter
    Ready. (Wireless LAN
    Adaptor required,
    sold separately.) -
    Yes BD Wise - No
    Game Mode - Yes
    Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) -
    Picture-In-Picture -
    Yes OSD Language -
    Local Languages

    Smart Convergence
    Allshare (Powered by
    DLNA) - Yes AllShare
    Play - Yes Samsung
    SMART View - No
    Wi-Fi Direct - Yes

    Smart Interaction
    Camera Built-in - No
    Face Recognition -
    No Motion control -
    No Voice Control
    (Embedded) - No
    Voice Control
    (Server) - No Camera
    App - No Samsung TV
    Apps supported - No

    Smart Evolution
    Smart Evolution
    Ready - No

    3D 3D
    - No 3D Converter -
    No 3D Sound - No

    DTV Tuner - Ready
    Analog Tuner - Yes
    EPG - No Auto
    Channel Search - Yes
    Teletext (TTX)
    (1,000 pages) - Yes

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