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Toshiba SD-100X Region-free DVD Player Zoom

Toshiba SD-100X Region-free DVD Player

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SKU: SD-100X
  • The region-free Toshiba SD-100X DVD player with 100-240 volt capability
  • 1-6 Region PAL and NTSC compatibility
  • DVD/CD Playback
  • Dolby? Digital and dts? Digital Outputs
  • 10-Bit, 27 mhz Video D/A Converter
  • 24-Bit/96 kHz PCM Audio Compatibility
  • Parental Lock
  • Dynamic Range Control
  • Multi-Camera Angle Select
  • Multi-Language Select
  • Multi-Subtitle Select
  • Wide screen, Letterbox and Normal Picture Set-up
  • Video Black Level Expansion
  • Spatializer N-2-2

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Product Description


    The region-free Toshiba SD-100X DVD player with 100-240 volt capability
  1. 1-6 Region PAL and NTSC compatibility
  2. DVD/CD Playback
  3. Dolby? Digital and dts? Digital Outputs
  4. 10-Bit, 27 mhz Video D/A Converter
  5. 24-Bit/96 kHz PCM Audio Compatibility
  6. Parental Lock
  7. Dynamic Range Control
  8. Multi-Camera Angle Select
  9. Multi-Language Select
  10. Multi-Subtitle Select
  11. Wide screen, Letterbox and Normal Picture Set-up
  12. Video Black Level Expansion
  13. Spatializer N-2-2? Virtual Surround Sound
  14. 4-Power Picture Zoom
  15. Bit Rate Meter
  16. With a Bit Rate Meter display, featured on all Toshiba DVD players, videophiles can monitor picture quality.
  17. Icon-Based On-Screen Display
  18. Easy to navigate, colorful on-screen menus allow for easy operation.
  19. Parallel Audio/Video Outputs
  20. Parallel Video Outputs that let you connect your Toshiba DVD player via Composite, S-Video or Component Video outputs and view simultaneous images from each connected monitor. This feature is ideal for multi-room applications. For added ease of connectivity all models feature Parallel Audio Output of analogue and digital audio signals.
  21. Standard Remote Control
  22. Toshiba has consistently won the praise of reviewers for superior and intuitive remote control design. Ergonomically designed with critically placed fingertip controls make for quick and easy learning and operation. A convenient 4-way compass cursor pad at the center of the remote allows you simple navigation through even the most extensive DVD menu.
  23. Auto-Switching between 100 - 240 volts 50/60hz Connections:
  24. S-Video Output
  25. Component Video (Y, Cr, Cb) Output
  26. Coaxial Digital Audio Output
  27. Analog Audio Output Dimensions & Weight:
  28. Width: 16.93"
  29. Height: 3.19"
  30. Depth: 12.01"
    Power: 100-110-220-240 Volts 50/60 HZ (WORLDWIDE USE)
    Region Code: ALL, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 Playback


    Multisystem 26"

    26-inch Multisystem
    TV only weighs 10kg,
    supports the best
    high definition
    signals (720p,
    1080i, 1080p), and
    has a built-in FM
    radio tuner.

    The 26-inch Liquid
    Crystal Display
    immerses you in a
    features that
    intelligently work
    for you to enhance
    and immerse you in

    This Sony model
    is enhanced by the
    BRAVIA Engine 3,
    which micromanages
    the display and
    provides a
    stunningly lifelike
    picture, fine tuning
    each pixel generated
    on the screen. All
    TV systems using
    BRAVIA also use an
    intelligent light
    censor, which
    adjusts the screen
    brightness to
    correspond to the
    room it is placed
    in. Televisions that
    do not use this
    feature can cause
    eye fatigue when
    viewed in a dark
    room, because they
    remain too bright,
    but with the
    intelligent light
    censor in the Sony
    KLV-26S550A , you
    will be conserving
    electricity as well
    as preventing eye

    Improved Advanced
    Contrast Enhancer
    (ACE) works with the
    BRAVIA Engine 3 to
    control the contrast
    in the display,
    providing a large
    range of gradiation
    that creates a deep,
    vibrant picture, but
    without compromising
    the quality of
    lighter areas.
    Another image
    enhancement equipped
    on this TV is
    LiveColour, a
    feature that uses
    programming designed
    by Sony in order to
    produce stronger,
    richer colors, with
    adjustable color
    signals are less
    likely to have
    visual glitches and
    distortion with the
    MPEG Noise
    Reduction, and
    analog signals are
    strengthened and
    clarified with

    This system also
    comes equipped with
    2 HDMI inputs, so
    that you can enjoy
    the highest quality
    picture with your
    own high-definition
    media such as

    Dual-voltage and
    multisystem as well,
    this television does
    not need a voltage
    converter during
    travel, and will
    receiver exclusively
    digital signals not
    available on analog
    sets, and that do
    not require a paid

    Source: REVIEW Sony
    KLV-26S550A LCD TV


    Engine 3 The
    revolutionary BRAVIA
    Engine 3 uses a new
    high definition
    video processor that
    reproduces images
    with impressive
    depth, vibrant
    colours with
    true-to-life tones,
    and high-definition
    images with amazing
    clarity. With the
    BRAVIA Engine 3, you
    can now enjoy clear
    and vibrant images
    in finer detail from
    both SD and HD

    Live Colour? Live
    Colour? can
    reproduce colours
    more vividly with an
    image processor that
    uses an algorithm
    specially developed
    by Sony. You can
    even adjust colour
    vividness for
    optimal image
    quality with four
    different options
    available. With Live
    Colour?, you?ll be
    able to experience
    the power of vivid
    colours and
    impressive pictures
    with finer colour

    Intelligent Picture
    BRAVIA's Series is
    equipped with
    Intelligent Picture
    that automatically
    boosts weak analogue
    broadcast signals
    (RF) and reduces the
    noise of these
    signals to produce
    vibrant and
    noise-free pictures.
    Enjoy images of the
    highest clarity on
    BRAVIA?s Series
    every single time.

    - MPEG Noise
    Reduction MPEG Noise
    reduces block noise
    and improves the
    edges of characters
    while at the same
    time, successfully
    suppressing noise
    that usually appears
    at high contrast
    edges. Enjoy crisp,
    noise-free images
    with sharp edges on
    BRAVIA?s Series

    - FM Radio
    Tune in to your
    favourite stations
    with the built-in FM
    Radio available on
    BRAVIA's selected
    LCD televisions.
    With up to 9 presets
    available, you?ll be
    able to enjoy your
    favourite tunes

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