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Panasonic SCHT895 Code Free DVD Multisystem Zoom

Panasonic SCHT895 Code Free DVD Multisystem

This model has been discontinued, for the newer model that replaces this model see details below, or go to the replacement model.

Product Availability: Discontinued

Replacement model:

Panasonic SC-XH185 Code Free Home Theater System 110 220 Volts
Price: $475.99
Product Description


  1. Panasonic SC-HT895 Code Free DVD Multi-system Home Theatre System
  2. The DVD Home Theatre System has Evolved! - To Provide more Power and superior Picture & Audio Performance
  3. Outstanding 850W (RMS) Total Power Output
  4. Incredible Audio Performance & Styling to match Panasonic Viera Flat Panel Televisions
  5. 2 Tower Speakers, 3 Compact Speakers & Powerful Subwoofer
  6. HDMI Output, Up-Conversion & HDAVI Control Technology for One-Touch Play
  7. Rear Wireless Ready - with the purchase of SH-FX60
  8. Panasonic HT895 Features & Benefits:
  9. Modified for all region (Regions 1-6) playback
  10. Lifetime warranty on our modifications: We totally stand behind the DVD players we sell. We guarantee that your code free player will play any region DVD from any country in the World. If your DVD player ever becomes defective we will fix it for free!
  11. Guaranteed to play all old, current and future DVD movies including DVDs that are RCE coded
  12. PAL/NTSC Playback of DVD/VCD
  13. World Wide Power Supply: 110-240 volts 50-60 hertz
  14. Advanced Progressive Scan (NTSC/PAL)
  15. Playable Disc Type
  16. Compatible Media Formats: DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-RAM/DVD-R, CD, CD-R/RW, Video CD, JPEG, MP3, WMA
  17. High Total Power Output - 850W (RMS) for Outstanding Audio Performance
  18. Strong and powerful sound reproduction through 850W(RMS) Total Power Output. The SC-HT895 provides outstanding audio performance and an experience to match Panasonic Viera Plasma Televisions.
  19. 5.1 Channel Output with Digital Amplification Technology
  20. Complete surround sound experience is available through 5 speakers and separate subwoofer. Digital amplification technology provides a responsive and crisp audio performance for both DVD & CD.
  21. 2 Tower Speakers & 3 Compact Speakers for Audio Performance
  22. Tower speakers provide an improved Home Theatre experience through improved sound performance and elevated speaker position. Compact speakers are convenient to locate in a room.
  23. HDMI Output & Up-Conversion
  24. With HDMI connection, audio & video is transmitted without deterioration for high quality reproduction. Both video and audio signals are transmitted over a single cable, so connection is easier and there is less clutter. HDMI also enables Up-Conversion of resolution to a High Defintion rate.
  25. HDAVI Control Technology for One-Touch Play
  26. With a single cable, HDMI enables transmission of not only A/V signals but also control signals. All you have to do to enjoy a new level of operation convenience is hook up to a new VIErA Plasma television. When you want home theater entertainment, for example, just press a button on the remote. Power to all the components switches on, TV input and other settings are automatically adjusted, and the show's ready to begin. It's that easy.
  27. Incredible Audio Performance and Slick Styling
  28. The amazing audio performance of this unit is matched by the stylish looks to accompany Viera Plasma televisions. The Subwoofer & Speakers not only look good - but also produce incredible sound. The slimline centre unit has a modern and distinctive design.
  29. Built-in Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-Logic II and DTS Decoders
  30. Dolby and DTS Deocders in the unit provide 5.1 channel surround sound output when playing back compatable media. The -buil-in decoders ensure a that a complete home cinema experience is possible!
  31. Multi-Format Playback Including DivX for Greater Enjoyment
  32. Panasonic DVD Home Theatre Systems provide the conveneince of Multi-Format Playback for added enjoyment. You can Playback: DVD-Audio DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, VCD, CD, CD-R/RW, WMA, MP3, JPEG & MPEG4.
  33. Easy Connection with a Portable Audio Player through 'Music Port'
  34. Simply and quickly connect a Digital Audio Player through the front of the unit for powerful sound. Music Port enables the connection of any portable audio player, meaning that you can enjoy your collection of songs with quality sound reproduction.
  35. Sound Field Control & 4-Step SubWoofer Level Control
  36. Customise your listening experience with Panasonic DVD Home Theatre Systems. Sound Field Control enables you to select between varied audio performance modes. Subwoofer level control through the remote control provides customisation of Bass Levels.
  37. Outstanding Picture Quality & Monitor Selector
  38. Picture quality is incredibly clear & precise. Depth Enhancer technology delivers more life-like images. Advanced progressive scan provides imporved picture quality when used with a compatable television. Monitor selector provides optimum picture quality according to monitor type.
  39. Magnetic Shielding in Speakers for Home Theatre Use
  40. This feature minimises the interference of the speakers with other Home Theatre electrical equipment, making set-up much easier. Reducing limitations on the placement of speakers for your DVD home theatre system.
  41. Powerful Bass Performance
  42. The included subwoofer provides strong bass sound delivery throughout the listening space. The subwoofer features a 16cm speaker for incredible bass sound generation.
  43. Digital Audio Input (Optical)
  44. The SC-HT895 features a Digital Audio Input Optical terminal for connection to other compatable devices for digital sound. You can connect a Set-Top-Box or other compatable device for clear digital sound through the DVD Home Theatre System.
  45. Wall-Mountable Speaker Design
  46. Speakers are designed for wall mounting with strong points designed into the casing. Surround speakers also feature built-in nuts for secure mounting on a wall.
  47. 12-Bit Digital Analogue Converter for Incredible Picture Quality
  48. The 12-bit Digital-Analogue converter provides an extremely dense 4096 steps of gradation. The result is faithful reproduction of the details in both bright & dark parts of scenes.
  49. Specications:
  50. Input/Output: HDMI Terminals: (HDAVI Control),
  51. Component Video Out, S-Video Out,
  52. Video Out, Music Port, Audio Input
  53. Weight: 3.35 kg
  54. Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm): 430x60x354
  56. Front Speaker:
  57. Configuration: Full range, 1-speaker, Bass-reflex
  58. Full range: 6.5cm cone type
  59. Weight: 3.7kg
  60. Dimensions (WxHxD)(mm): 252x1123x234
  61. Center Speaker:
  62. Configuration: Full range, 2-speaker, Bass-reflex
  63. Full range: 6.5cm cone type x 2
  64. Weight: 1.25kg
  65. Dimensions (WxHxD)(mm): 270x92x95.4
  66. Surround Speaker
  67. Configuration: Full range, 1-speaker, Bass reflex
  68. Full range: 6.5cm cone type
  69. Weight: 3.7kg
  70. Dimensions (WxHxD)(mm): 252x1123x234
  71. Subwoofer Speaker:
  72. Configuration: Bass-reflex
  73. Woofer: 16cm cone type
  74. Weight: 4Kg
  75. Dimensions (WxHxD)(mm): 183x396x267
  76. Documentation & Downloads
  77. Owner's Manuals: (3.22mb) PDF
  78. SC-HT895 Home Theatre System Operation Manual
  79. Comparison Charts: (226.79kb) PDF
  80. DVD Format Comparison Chart
  81. General Downloads: (962.10kb) PDF
  82. SD Card Development Roadmap
  83. General Downloads: (251.63kb) PDF
  84. DVD-RAM Benefit Explanation
    Power: 100-110-220-240 Volts 50/60 HZ (WORLDWIDE USE)
    Region Code: ALL, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 Playback
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