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Refrigerator Voltage Converter Transformer Kit For 110 or 220 VOLTS Zoom

Refrigerator Voltage Converter Transformer Kit For 110 or 220 VOLTS

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SKU: Refrigerator-5STAR
Refrigerator Voltage Converter Transformer Kit For 110 or 220 VOLTS
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Product Description


    110220volts just made purchasing a voltage converter quick and easy!

    5STAR converters are designed to take away the headache of buying a voltage converter for your household appliances and electronics.

    No more complication trying to find a voltage converter transformer that will work for your household appliances.

    The REFRIGERATOR-5STAR Voltage converter transformer is designed to work with ANY (110 volts American/Canadian or 220 volts overseas ) Refrigerator size and model ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

  1. The REFRIGERATOR-5STAR voltage converter displays the following capabilities:
    • Beyond electricity conversion, this converter is built with surge protection and voltage regulation to assure your Refrigerator will receive steady electricity at all times, protecting your Refrigerator against power surges and spikes.
    • Voltage meter displays input and output voltage for your convenience.
    • Easy to use, all you have to do is to select the input voltage according to the country where this converter will be used (either 110-120 or 220-240 Volts), and plug your equipment into the outlet rated for the electricity required for your equipment to work (either 110 or 220 Volts).
    • 110220 volts will even include a quick guide for set up of the unit and trouble shooting tips.
    • Select the country in which you will be using this voltage converter and we will include the proper plug adapter, that will allow you to plug the converter into the wall with no hassle!

  2. REFRIGERATOR-5STAR Voltage converter transformer kit includes :
    • 1 Voltage converter transformer that will work in any Refrigerator anywhere in the world.
    • 1 Plug Adapter Kit that will allow you to plug in your converter into the power outlet wherever you are going.
    • 1 Quick Start and Trouble shooting Guide to help you set up your unit in no time.

  3. REFRIGERATOR-5STAR Guarantees:
    • We GUARANTEE a hassle free purchase with the REFRIGERATOR-5STAR converter. ALL the REFRIGERATOR-5STAR units are visually inspected and tested prior shipping to it's destination.
    • WE GUARANTEE that the REFRIGERATOR-5STAR Voltage converter transformer will work with any (110 volts American/Canadian or 220 volts overseas) size or model Refrigerator anywhere in the world.
    • Our REFRIGERATOR-5STAR Converters are considered specialty items, which means that during our 45 day warranty period, if you have any problems, such as a DOA, defective unit, or getting this unit to work with your Refrigerator, we will exchange your REFRIGERATOR-5STAR Voltage converter with a brand new unit.
    • All the the 5STAR units are also covered by our 5 year WARRANTY EXCHANGE parts and labor.

    Disclaimer: This converter its designed to work with 110 volts USA & CANADA and 220 volts 50hz, single phase (EUROPE, ASIA, most of South America, & Africa) electricity, WILL NOT WORK for 220 volts 60 hz, AMERICAN OR CANADIAN Refrigerator



    Input and
    output voltage
    voltage meters Power
    switch Input voltage
    switch 415 volts
    rated circuit
    breakers Sturdy
    metal casing Large
    rubber platform feet
    working unit
    Indicator light Time
    Delay switch - surge
    and spike protector
    delays the
    introduction of the
    current for your
    equipment's safety
    Delay protection
    feature Sturdy
    carrying handle
    Input 80 - 140 and
    120 - 240 volts
    Accuracy Output
    Regulation +/- 4%
    Universal Output
    outlet Dimensions:
    8.50" X 10.00" X
    13.50" Weight: 27
    pounds Maximum
    Output Power: 45.50
    amps @ 110 volts /
    22.73 amps @ 220
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