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Sony KLV-24R402 24 Inch LED HD TV Multi-System Zoom

Sony KLV-24R402 24 Inch LED HD TV Multi-System

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SKU: KLV-24R402
  • The Sony KLV-24R402 24 Multi-System Full HD LED TV gives you beautiful images and all the latest HD

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Product Description


    The Sony KLV-24R402 24" Multi-System Full HD LED TV gives you beautiful images and all the latest HD, processing, and connectivity features.

    Life-like viewing experience:

    Sony's Motion Flow? 100 Hertz processing technology creates additional pictures for fast-moving sequences to effectively double and adjust the number of frames with your movies. The Motion Flow? combined with Sony's Clear Resolution Enhancer allows your to enjoy even the most fast-paced action scenes with no blur and crystal clarity. The revolutionary BRAVIA Engine 3 uses a high definition video processor to reproduce images with extra colors and tones and higher resolution and clarity.

    Connect and Access all your media:

    You can connect your smart phone via MHL Cable and access all your favorite media with all the visual and audio features of the Sony KLV-24R402. HDMI and USB inputs so you can watch movies and listen to music right from your USB drives. Connect all your HD video and gaming and devices to enjoy them to their full potential.

    Built-in Speakers and Audio Features:

    The KLV-24R402 has two 5W * 2 built-in speakers for dynamic sound and supports SRSTruSurroundAudio surround sound and Dolby? Digital. The Steady Sound feature equalizes volume levels for the same output between programs and commercials. There are also pre-programmed sound modes for standard viewing, music, cinema, and games, and sports,

    Product Features:

  1. Worldwide NTSC/PAL/SECAM Color System
  2. Worldwide NTSC, PAL BG, PAL I, Secam BG, DK/ PAL DK TV tuners
  3. World Wide Voltage Supply AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

  4. Screen Size: 24" (60cm), 16:9
  5. Video Signals: 480/60i, 480/60p, 576/50i, 576/50p, 720/60p, 720/50p, 1080/50i, 1080/60i, (HDMI / MHL: 720/24p, 720/30p, 1080/24p, 1080/30p), (HDMI? / Component: 1080/60p , 1080/50p)
  6. Motionflow? XR 100 processing technology
  7. Connect to your devices with HDMI, USB, and MHL technology
  8. Steady Sound feature equalizes volume levels across programs
  9. Built-in Speakers: 2 5W x 2 speakers for dynamic sound
  10. Built-in Speakers includes 2 (5W x 2) speakers to deliver dynamic sound.
  11. Parental Control V-chip technology allows parents to block unsuitable programming from younger viewers.
  12. BRAVIA Engine 3 high definition video processing
  13. SRSTruSurroundAudio surround sound and Dolby? Digital
  14. 3D Comb Filter
  15. Standard, Music, Cinema, Game, Sports sound modes
    Power: 100-110-220-240 Volts 50/60 HZ (WORLDWIDE USE)
    System: Multisystem


    Model: Screen
    Size: 24 (60 cm),
    16:9 TV System: 1
    (Analog): B/G, D/K,
    I, M Color System:
    3.58, NTSC 4.43
    Video Signal:
    1080/24p (HDMI/MHL),
    1080/60i, 1080/60p
    (HDMI / Component),
    1080/50i, 1080/50p
    (HDMI / Component),
    480/60i, 480/60p,
    576/50i, 576/50p,
    720/60p, 720/50p,
    1080/30p (HDMI /
    MHL), 720/30p (HDMI
    / MHL), 720/24p
    (HDMI / MHL)
    Picture: Display
    Resolution: WXGA
    Motionflow? XR 100
    Backlight Module:
    LED Live Colour?:
    Yes Intelligent
    Picture: Plus
    Digital Noise
    Reduction: Yes MPEG
    Noise Reduction: Yes
    Advanced Contrast
    Enhancer (ACE): Yes
    24P True Cinema?:
    Yes Viewing Angle:
    176? (Right/Left),
    176? (Up/Down)
    Screen Format TV:
    Auto Wide/ Full/
    Normal/ Wide Zoom/
    Zoom Picture Mode:
    Vivid, Standard,
    Custom, Cinema,
    Photo,Sports, Game,
    Mode/Cinema Drive:
    Yes 3D Comb Filter:
    Yes Audio: Sound
    Mode: Standard,
    Music, Cinema, Game,
    Sports S-Master: Yes
    Dolby? Digital
    Simulated Stereo:
    Yes Stereo System:
    NICAM/A2 Audio
    Output Power: 5W +
    5W Speaker
    Configuration: 2
    Full Range (3.5x8.0)
    x2 Terminals: HDMI?
    Connections 1 (Side)
    Analog Audio
    Input(s) for HDMI 1
    (Rear) USB 2.0 1
    (Side) Composite
    Video Input(s) 1
    Component Video
    (Y/Pb/Pr) Input(s) 1
    w/Composite) RF
    Connection Input(s)
    1 (Side) Analog
    Audio Input(s) 2 (1
    Side/1 Rear) Audio
    Out 1 (Rear/Hybrid
    Headphone Out 1
    (Rear/Hybrid w/Audio
    Out) MHL (Mobile
    Link): Yes Other
    Features: BRAVIA
    Sync: Yes FM Radio:
    Yes USB Play: Yes
    Scene Select: Auto,
    Photo, Music,
    Cinema, Game,
    Graphics, Sports
    Sleep Timer: Yes
    Teletext: Yes OSD
    Language: Afrikaans/
    Arabic/ Persian/
    English/ French/
    Portuguese/ Russian/
    Swahili /Thai/
    Zulu/ Assamese/
    Bengali/ Gujarati/
    Hindi/ Kannada/
    Malayalam/ Marathi/
    Oriya/ Punjabi/
    Tamil/ Telugu ECO
    Features Dynamic
    Backlight Control:
    Yes Backlight Off
    Mode: Yes Power
    Saving Modes: Yes
    Packaging Materials:
    Recycled Carton
    (more than 70%)
    General: Power
    Requirements DC
    19.5V Power
    Consumption 41W
    Standby Power
    Consumption 0.5W
    Dimensions (W x H x
    D) with Stand
    Approx. 558x363x140
    mm Dimensions (W x H
    x D) without Stand
    558x346x69(21) mm
    Weight with Stand
    Approx. 4.5kg Weight
    without Stand
    Approx. 4.4kg
    Accessories: Remote
    Control RM-GA024
    Batteries R03 (Type
    AAA) x 2
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