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SONY KLV-20S400A Multi System 20" BRAVIA LCD TV Zoom

SONY KLV-20S400A Multi System 20" BRAVIA LCD TV

This model has been discontinued, for the newer model that replaces this model see details below, or go to the replacement model.

Product Availability: Discontinued

Replacement model:

SONY KLV22BX300 BRAVIA LCD Multisystem TV 110 220 Volts
Price: $289.95
Product Description


  1. 20? LCD TV HD Ready.
  2. BRAVIA Engine 2.
  3. Display Resolution 1366 x 768.
  4. Dynamic Contrast 2000:1.
  5. HDMI x 3 / Audio In x1.
  6. Improved Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE).
  7. MPEG Noise Reduction.
  8. Intelligent Picture.
  9. S-Force Front Surround.
  10. BRAVIA Sync.
  11. 24P True Cinema & Theatre Mode.
  12. Ambient Light Sensor for Energy Conservation &
  13. Reduce Eye Fatigue.
  14. 1 Tuner PAP. PC PIP.
  15. Dimensions (W x H x D) with Stand 529x396x174mm.
  16. Dimensions (W x H x D) without Stand 529x393x99mm.
  17. Weight with Stand 9kg.
  18. Weight without Stand 8kg.
    Power: 100-110-220-240 Volts 50/60 HZ (WORLDWIDE USE)
    System: Multisystem


    Multisystem 20"

    is a light (9kg),
    Multisystem TV with
    three HDMI inputs,
    and a 20-inch Liquid
    Crystal Display.

    Behind the LCD
    is a BRAVIA Engine 2
    which manages the
    pixels in the
    picture, this engine
    creates extremely
    sharp and lifelike
    pictures. All
    Multisystem TV s
    with BRAVIA also
    have an intelligent
    light censor, which
    adjusts the screen
    brightness according
    to the lighting in
    the room. This
    reduces eye fatigue
    and conserves
    energy. It is also
    equipped with an
    Improved Advanced
    Contrast Enhancer
    (ACE) and resolution
    of 1366 x 768, to
    even further
    increase the realism
    of the picture. MPEG
    noise reduction
    technology is also
    used, to decrease
    any visual "noise"
    that may occur in
    dark areas of the
    picture. Also, if
    you only watch
    analog signals
    through this
    television, the
    Intelligent Picture
    feature will
    automatically boost
    the quality of the
    signal. However,
    with the addition of
    a cable box, digital
    tuner, or satellite,
    you can easily
    receiver digital
    signals on the Sony
    KLV-20S400A .

    The built-in
    speakers utilize
    S-Force Front
    Surround, which uses
    sophisticated timing
    and volume
    techniques to
    synthesize a
    experience; even
    though the speakers
    are in the front,
    you will hear sound
    coming from all

    This model
    television is also
    dual-voltage, so if
    you are planning on
    taking a trip with
    it, you can take it
    with you and use it
    in a foreign country
    without a voltage
    converter. It is
    also multisystem, so
    that you can
    receiver channels
    that non-
    Multisystem TV s

    is also capable of
    receiving a digital
    signal, when used
    with a cable box, a
    satellite dish, a
    digital tuner, or
    other digital
    reception devices.
    And, with its three
    HDMI inputs, you can
    experience the
    highest quality
    experience from your
    DVDs, CDs, Blu-Ray
    disks, and other
    high definition

    Source: REVIEW Sony
    klv-20s400A LCD TV


    Engine 2 BRAVIA
    Engine 2
    incorporates full
    digital signal
    technology in all
    high-quality image
    processes, thereby
    maximizing the
    features of display
    devices and
    producing sharp,
    vibrant, life-like
    images. The fully
    circuit can
    reproduce optimal,
    images from SD
    signals and HD

    24P True Cinema?
    While conventional
    televisions (and
    most DVDs) operate
    at 50Hz, modern
    film-makers record
    their films onto
    Blu-Ray Disc? using
    24 frames per second
    (24Hz, or 24P). With
    24P True Cinema,
    your BRAVIA will
    recognise these
    films and select the
    correct format for
    playback so you see
    and hear the film
    just as in the
    theatre. BRAVIA Sync
    BRAVIA Sync allows
    for intuitive
    one-push play and
    shutdown as it
    synchronises with
    all your other

    Intelligent Picture
    BRAVIA's Series is
    equipped with
    Intelligent Picture
    that automatically
    boosts weak analogue
    broadcast signals
    (RF) and reduces the
    noise of these
    signals to produce
    vibrant and
    noise-free pictures.
    Enjoy images of the
    highest clarity on
    BRAVIA?s Series
    every single time.

    - New S-Force
    Front Surround Sony
    has developed the
    new S-Force Front
    Surround by
    improving the
    digital signal
    processor algorithm
    and the result is a
    wider listening area
    that delivers
    amazing virtual
    surround sound using
    just the built-in
    television speakers.
    Listen to every
    dialogue with the
    Voice Zoom function
    while maintaining
    the level of ambient
    surround sound and
    maximise your movie
    watching experience
    with BRAVIA.

    - MPEG Noise
    Reduction MPEG Noise
    reduces block noise
    and improves the
    edges of characters
    while at the same
    time, successfully
    suppressing noise
    that usually appears
    at high contrast
    edges. Enjoy crisp,
    noise-free images
    with sharp edges on
    BRAVIA?s Series

    - Ambient
    Light Sensor
    BRAVIA?s innovative
    ambient light sensor
    adjusts screen
    brightness to match
    the ambient light in
    the room and, as a
    result, saves on
    power consumption
    and reduces eye
    fatigue at the same
    time. Now you can
    just switch on your
    television and enjoy
    your favourite
    programmes in
    perfect colour and
    without having to
    adjust a single
    thing. Picture In
    Picture (PIP) &
    Picture And Picture
    (PAP) Watch two
    separate pictures
    from different
    sources on the
    screen at the same

    Theater Mode
    Collaborating with
    Sony Pictures
    Entertainment, Sony
    has created Theater
    Mode, Sony?s
    authorised picture
    setting for films
    that accurately
    balances the colors
    of dark scenes and
    with the right
    amount of
    ?film-grain?. You
    can now experience
    every movie exactly
    the way the director

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