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Voltage regulator
Step Up and Down Voltage Converter

This Voltage Transformer Steps 220-240 Volts Down to 110-120 Volts, which means it works in ANY country with appliances from ANY country! The ATVR 5000 steps 220-240 volts down to 110-120 volts and vice versa. This means it can be used in any country throughout the world. Use this voltage converter with all of your appliances and electrical devices.


When using the ATVR 5000 you will not have to be concerned with low or high voltage, spikes or surges, lightning, power back surges or outages damaging your appliances or electrical devices. This product serves as a voltage regulator meaning all electrical equipment will receive a steady and stable flow of electricity.

This product comes with an LED input and output meter display so you will know the exact voltage being stepped up or stepped down.

The true magnetic copper coil allows you to be 100% certain your appliances and electrical devices will be safe under any circumstances. There is no concern when it comes to power surges or outages.
This product has a five (5) year equipment protection guarantee. This covers both parts and labor.
CE SAFETY APPROVED: For a CE marked product to be quality approved the product has to pass the appropriate quality assurance tests. So buy with confidence!
Can work as a Step Down Transformer or Step Up Transformer!

Select 220V to use as a Step Down Voltage Transformer:
Converts foreign voltage for safe operation of your US appliances and electronics while abroad in 220/240V countries

Select 110V to use as a Step Up Voltage Transformer:
Converts US voltage for safe operation of your foreign appliances and electronics while in 110/120V countries
UNIVERSAL SOCKET: Our models have at least one universal socket. This type of socket will accept virtually any grounded or non-grounded plugs from around the world. No need to use extra plug adapters to plug your appliances or electronics into our transformers.
FUSE PROTECTED: This product is fuse protected and is equipped with a replaceable fuse for safe operation and use. If the fuse overloads it will cut off the power to the converter. All of our transformers are fuse protected for your safety and protection of the 110 to 240 volt appliances and electrical items that are connected to them.. The standard package includes two spare fuses.
Fuse Protected Voltage Transformer for Your Safety

All of our Transformers are fuse protected for your safety and the protection of the 110 volt to 240 volt appliances which are connected to them.

GROUNDED CORD: For safe operation and use the grounded cord completes the ground from the into to the output sockets of the transformer. The unit has Shucko prong which works in any country that has outlets that accept round pins. This product works with ground and non-grounded outlets.
Check out our full 360 degree viewer and how to videos to decide which voltage converter or voltage regulator is right for you.