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JVC Mini DV PAL Camcorder Zoom

JVC Mini DV PAL Camcorder

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JVC Mini DV PAL Camcorder

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Product Description


    The GR-D73AG PAL Mini DV camcorder provides highquality picture and PCM digital stereo sound. With 520 lines of horizontalresolution, combined with JVC's super hi-band processor, it assures high-bandcomponents of the luminance signal and gives a crisp, clear picture.

    Incorporates Power Linked Operation that prepares the camera to record, simplyby opening the LCD or pulling out the viewfinder.
    Other features include a progressive shutter system that allows high qualitystills to be captured by the entire frame, eliminating the blur that occurs whenseparate fields are combined to form a frame.

    Key Features
    DV Format
    With this mini DV camcorder, you will realize truly amazing picture and soundquality. Images reaching up to 520 lines of horizontal resolution revealstunning detail and clarity.

    PCM Digital Stereo Sound
    12/16-bit audio: 16-bit offers one set of stereo tracks and achieves the samequality as CD, while the 12-bit mode creates two sets of stereo tracks. Audiodub is possible when recorded in 12-bit mode.

    Built-In Digital Still Mode
    The still mode is capable of capturing crystal-clear still images of up to (1024x 768) XGA resolution. The images are stored onto an optional MM/SD memory card.NOTE: In the 1024 x 768 mode, images are shot in 720 x 480 pixels and they areconverted and stored in the 1024 x 768 file size.

    Equipped with a 16x optical zoom that lets you close in on your subject with apure optical quality, and the 700x digital zoom that allows you go all the wayout with incredible close-ups.
    You can also zoom in on any part of an image during playback with the 44xpinpoint zoom.

    Picture Stabilizer
    The stabilizer system corrects camera shake instantly, giving you smooth andstable pictures.

    LCD Monitor
    This camcorder is equipped with a 2.4" tiltable LCD screen for high angleoverhead shooting, low angle shots, or even self portraits.

    Digital Color Night Scope
    Makes dark subjects even brighter than they would be under good naturallighting. Although the recorded image is not grainy, it may look as if it isstrobing due to the slow shutter speed.

    Special Effects
    A combination of built-in Digital Special Effects and Wipes/Fades will give yourvideos a polished and professional look.

    i.Link (IEEE-1394) FireWire
    Provides fast loss-less digital transfer to a computer, or dubbing from or toanother DV unit.

    Analog Input
    The camcorder's analog input features a built-in Analog to Digital converterthat will convert the analog audio/video signal to a digital signal and can berecorded to a DV tape.

    Remote Control Features
    Allows the Playback with Special Effects, Zoom, Slow Motion, Frame-by-Frameplayback and Audio Dubbing/Insert Editing.

    Snapshot Mode
    Records a photo-like still image onto the video cassette, with a shutter soundeffect in full frame or pin-up mode.

    Power Linked Operation
    Prepares the camera to record simply by opening the LCD or pulling out theviewfinder.

    Super High-Band Processor
    Incorporates a high band processor that restores the high band component of theluminance signal and ensures high resolution.

    USB Terminal
    Enables high-speed transfer of digital still images to a USB compatiblecomputer. And once you transfer the still images to a PC, you can apply avariety of post production effects using the supplied software

    E-Mail Clip Recording
    You can make video clips in 160 x 120 pixels from real-time camera image orrecorded video footage, which can be conveniently sent via email.

    3 D Noise Reduction

    Built in Auto Light

    Full Specifications:
  1. PAL System
  2. Mini DV (6mm Digital) Format
  3. 1/6" CCD 800,000 Pixels
  4. Audio: PCM Digital Stereo (16-bit/48kHz/2ch, 12-bit/32kHz/4ch)
  5. 16x Optical, 700x Digital Zoom
  6. Lens: 2.7-43.2mm f/1.6
  7. Filter Size: 30.5mm
  8. Image Stabilizer
  9. 0 Lux with Night Scope feature
  10. Color, 0.24" Viewfinder
  11. 2.37" Active Matrix System TFT LCD Monitor
  12. Manual Controls: Focus, Exposure, White Balance, Iris Lock
  13. Date & Time
  14. Time Code
  15. A/V Dubbing: Audio Dub in 12-bit mode, Video Insert Editing
  16. Line In Recording: Analog/Digital
  17. Inputs: 1x Audio/Video, 1x S-Video, 1x 4-pin IEEE-1394
  18. Output: Same As Inputs Plus USB Port
  19. Card Slot: MM Multimedia/SD Secure Digital
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  21. Special Effects: B/W, Sepia, Classic Film, Strobe, Slow Shutter
  22. Fader: White, Black, B/W
  23. WIPE Modes: Shutter, Slide, Door, Corner, Window, Scroll Wipes
  24. Stereo Built-in Mic
  25. Monaural Built-in Speaker
  26. Built-in Light
  27. Power Consumption: 4.7w/110-240v, 50/60Hz
  28. Dimensions (WxHxD): 2.8 x x 3.6 x 4.6" (71 x 91 x 118mm)
  29. Weight 1.1 lb, 500 g w/o cassette & battery, 1.3 lb, 590 g with cassette & battery
  30. Key features:
  31. Program AE
  32. Backlight
  33. Insert Editing
  34. SP/LP Mode
  35. MM/SD Card Slot
  36. Step-up from GR-D53AG:
  37. MM/SD Card Slot
  38. High Resolution 1024 x 768 Still Images
  39. SuppliedAccessories:
  40. AC Adapter AP-V13U (On-Camcorder Charger)
  41. Battery Pack (BN-V408U) 770 mAh
  42. Wireless Remote Control (RM-V718U) with CR-2025 Battery
  43. Shoulder Strap
  44. A/V Cable (Mini-3 RCA)
  45. USB Cable
  46. 8 MB Memory Card already inserted in the camcorder
  47. Lens Cap
  48. CD-ROM Software
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