Finding Watts or Amps: For Buying a Voltage Converter or Transformer

Finding Watts or Amps: For buying a voltage converter or transformer

In order to work, your electric equipment consumes a certain amount of, watts, or amps [show W = watts or wattage and A = amps or amp-age on screen]. The amount of electricity it consumes depends on the type of item you’re using. For example, a radio may only need 25 watts to work, while a hair dryer might need almost 1500! In the case of the hair dryer, it creates alot of heat, so typically electric items that generate heat will use more electricity, which means their wattage consumption is higher, like a microwave or even a toaster. [show quick clip of using a microwave and toaster, while saying the words] Luckily, your product should have information that well tell you how many watts it requires to work, which you can find on a label and/or in the product’s manual. [Picture of labels on equipment and in manual]

In some cases, you will only be able to find information on the amps required to use the product. If this is the case, a simple equation is all you need to find the amps. On your product it should say the voltage, which will either be 110v or 220v. [text on side of screen] If for example it says 120v and 10A, then you multiply 110 by 10 to get 1100 watts.

Now you know how many watts your product needs to function correctly. For information on watts, amps, and voltage conversion, please visit our website at, where you can ask questions and also place your order online. Thank you!