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Code Free DVD Recorders

Region code free DVD recorders are capable of playing all region code 1-6 DVD discs and PAL-NTSC recorder able. Some code free DVD recorders are require a compatible TV or external PAL-NTSC video system converters for playback and are 110-220 volts 50/60 HZ for worldwide use.

Broadcast Television Regions
There are six (6) television broadcasting regions for which the digital video disc (DVD) was developed.

Region Free DVD Players, zone Free DVD Players, Code Free DVD Players

The world's television regions are:

Region 1 - USA and Canada

Region 2 - Europe, Japan, the MiddleEast, North Africa, Egypt, and South Africa

Region 3 - Taiwan, The Philippines,Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong

Region 4 - Mexico, Central America,South America, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, and the Caribbean

Region 5 - Russia, Eastern Europe,India, North Korea, and East and West Africa

Region 6 - China.

World Television Systems and VoltageGuide

  • PAL (Phase Alternation Line) offers 625 lines per second to produce a very detailed image on a wider luminance (color signal) bandwidth. The PAL system has been adopted by almost all of the world's countries using the 50 hz (cycles) voltage.

  • NTSC (National Television Standard Committee), the American broadcast frequency, offers 525 lines per second to produce an image with a faster frame rate, which reduces visible flickering and picture noise.

    Multisyetm TV, NTSC, PAL, and SECAM map