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Pioneer DV430 Code Free DVD Player with HDMI, USB and CD 110 220 Volts Zoom

Pioneer DV430 Code Free DVD Player with HDMI, USB and CD 110 220 Volts

This model has been discontinued, for the newer model that replaces this model see details below, or go to the replacement model.

Product Availability: Discontinued

Replacement model:

Pioneer DV-3032KV 1080P Upscaling Region Free DVD Player For 110-220 Volts
Price: $89.99
Product Description


    A universal player: all your movies, music and photos are welcome.

    Immerse yourself in high-quality digital video and audio. The DV-430V?s advanced upscaling adds a new dimension to your DVDs by elevating sharpness, colour and contrast to create 1080p levels of detail.

    A speedy 1.4x quick scan mode increases convenience in searching for scenes or re-viewing disc chapters.

    Play back music, DivX video and high resolution photo files stored on a USB memory device: the DV-430V has a front USB port.

    Create MP3s from your CD collection; the DV-430V includes an MP3 encoder, making CD ripping to your USB device quick and easy.

    With our Sound Retriever technology, compressed music files will be enhanced to match the quality of the original source as closely as possible.

    The DV-430V supports the Control with HDMI connectivity feature: the remote control of your KURO flat screen TV is all you need to control the main functions of the player.

  1. Plays Any Region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Code DVD discs from any Region or country on any TV in the world!
  2. Also Plays REA/RCE Protected Discs (Region Code Enhanced)
  3. Advanced Hardware Chip Modification to ensure playback of future DVD discs
  4. Plays Any Region Code Disc Without Manual Adjustment on the DVD player
  5. Built-in PAL to NTSC and NTSC to PAL Converter (will play both PAL and NTSC Discs from any region, code, zone or country on any PAL or NTSC TV in the world).
  6. NTSC and PAL Compatible - Plays European/Asian/American Any PAL or NTSC discs on a standard North American NTSC TV!



  7. DVD-Video, SVCD, VCD, CD
  8. CD-R/-RW
  9. DVD-R/-RW (VR mode)
  10. DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, DVR-R/+R DL (Video mode)
  11. DivX, MP3, WMA, MPEG-4 AAC, WMV and HD JPEG
  12. Terminals 1 x HDMI out (1080p upscaling), 1 x USB (front), 1 x Coaxial out, 1 x Video out, 1 x Audio out, 1 x Component out, 1 x Euro-SCART
  13. Control with HDMI (+) Yes
  14. USB Yes
  15. HDMI (+) Yes
  16. Sound Retriever (+) Yes
  17. CD -> USB Recording (+) Yes
  18. Video Signal D/A Converter 108MHz/12-bit
  19. Dimensions (W x H x D) 420 x 49,5 x 215 mm
  20. Weight 1,7 kg
  21. Power Consumption (in use/standby) (+) 11W / 0,7 W


    Playback Discs

  22. DVD-Video, SVCD, VCD, CD
  23. CD-R/-RW
  24. DVD-R/-RW (VR mode, CPRM)
  25. DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, DVR-R/+R DL (Video mode)
  26. DivX (+) Yes
  27. JPEG Playback (+) Yes, High Definition
  28. JPEG with music playback Yes
  29. MP3 (+) Yes
  30. MPEG4 AAC (+) Yes
  31. WMA (+) Yes
  32. WMV (+) Yes
  33. 10-Key Direct Search & Play (+) Yes

    Audio Features

  34. 96 kHz/24-bit D/A Converter Yes
  35. Dolby Digital (+) Yes
  36. DTS Yes
  37. Digital Audio Output DTS (DVD) & Dolby Digital, MPEG Audio, Linear PCM
  38. DSP Modes Rock, Pop, Live, Dance, Techno, Classic, Soft
  39. Dynamic Range Control Yes
  40. Virtual Surround (+) Yes
  41. Dialogue (+) Yes
  42. Total Harmonic Distortion (+) 0,0065%
  43. Frequency Response 4 Hz - 44 k Hz
  44. Signal-to-Noise Ratio (+) 115 dB
  45. Dynamic Range (+) 88 dB

    Video Features

  46. PAL/NTSC Dual System Yes
  47. PureCinema Progressive Scan Yes
  48. I/P Simultaneous Output (+) Yes
  49. Video Adjust (+) Yes
  50. Zoom Yes


  51. Remote Control Unit Yes
  52. Auto Power-Off Yes
  53. Power Requirements AC 110-120 - 220-240V, 50/60 Hz
    Power: 100-110-220-240 Volts 50/60 HZ (WORLDWIDE USE)
    Region Code: ALL, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 Playback


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