Why You Need a Codeless DVD Player Right Now

Ever bring a DVD from your overseas travels home only to find it inoperable on your home DVD player? Ever take your portable DVD player along when you travel abroad only to find that it can’t play local DVDs?

Watching films on DVD

If so, your entertainment has been the victim of an international conspiracy.

The home entertainment industry has divided the world into six regions, and each region’s DVD players have a specific code that allows them to only play DVDs intended for distribution in those areas. The reason behind the regions is that movies and DVDs are released at different times throughout the world.

For example, a film may have already hit theaters and gone to DVD in Britain by the time it reaches America and vice versa. The regions are intended to keep consumers from watching films on DVD while they’re still in theaters in their markets.

The entertainment industry divides the world into the following six regions:

  • Region 1 – The U.S. and Canada.
  • Region 2 – Europe, the Middle East, Japan, South Africa, Egypt, North Africa.
  • Region 3 – Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia.
  • Region 4 – Mexico, South America, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Pacific Islands
  • Region 5– Russia, Eastern Europe, East Africa, West Africa, India and North Korea.
  • Region 6 – China

Owners of codeless DVD players can get around the restrictions imposed by the entertainment industry. In addition to being able to play DVDs from anywhere, these DVD players also offer the following benefits to consumers:

  • Dual voltage capability – Region-free DVD players can work at voltage settings in the U.S. and overseas. U.S. electrical outlets deliver 110 volts, while many overseas outlets deliver 220 volts. U.S.-made electronics, including DVD players, may not work safely with overseas outlets without a step-down Region-free DVD players can work at either voltage setting, allowing you to use your player wherever you go.
  • Adapt to differing video standards – European and North American countries aren’t only divided by region codes; they also use differing video standards. Playing a DVD configured to one set of standards on a player configured to a different set can cause problems. Europe uses Phase Alternating Line, or PAL, while North America uses National Television Standards Committee, or NTSC. France uses the Système Électronique pour Couleur avec Mèmoire video standard. An uncoded DVD player works well with all these standards.
  • All regular DVD features – A codeless DVD player offers all the standard features of a regular DVD player, including high picture quality, convenient user interface, input and speaker options, and more. Your codeless DVD player will function just like your regular DVD player; it will just have greater functionality abroad and be capable of playing DVDs from outside your region.

Codeless DVD players

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