Using Appliances Safely While Abroad, Europe, like Portugal, France, Germany or Ukraine

Have you ever wanted to travel to a country in Europe, like Portugal, France, Germany or Ukraine? If so, you should be aware of some important differences that you’ll be facing while there. One of these is the fact that European electricity uses a higher voltage than in the United States or Central and South America. Europe uses 220V, and the Americas use 110V. You may be wondering how this will affect you.. Well, while you are in Europe, you may want to use an electrical appliance such as a hair drier, which you brought from the United States. However, it is unsafe and pointless to try to do so without a voltage converter! Without it, your hair drier will not only be non-functional, but you may also start a fire when you try to plug it in.

Some electrical devices do not need a converter. These are called dual-voltage appliances, and you can find out which of your items are dual-voltage by finding the voltage rating. If it says something like 110V-220V, then it is dual-voltage. However, many devices may need a converter. These are called single-voltage appliances, and the voltage for these will read something like 110V.

If you have some single-voltage electronics you want to bring with you, the next step is to find the wattage of these things. You can find the wattage by multiplying the voltage by the amps. The wattage may also be written on the appliance. Once you have the number, find a voltage converter that has a 25% higher wattage rating than the appliance. This will ensure that you will elicit many uses out of your converter.

For both dual- and single-voltage appliances, you may need a plug adapter. This is because your American electrical plugs will not fit into European wall sockets without one.


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