Traveling to Brazil

Brazil is a large country in South America largely occupied by rain-forest. Did you know that if you travel there, you will find three different types of electrical outlets, all shaped differently? In North America and most of South America, we are used to seeing only one type of outlet. All our electronics and appliances are designed for these outlets, but some countries in South America use many different kinds of outlets. If you’re planning on taking a trip to one of these places, you’ll need to bring a few different types of plug adapters. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use any of the appliances you’ve brought from North America.
Another item you might need to bring is a voltage converter . In addition to different plugs and wall outlets, foreign countries also use a different voltage. The electricity coming out of the wall is 220v in most foreign countries, and the appliances purchased there are designed for that voltage. However in North America and a few other places, like Brazil , the voltage is both 110v and 220v. This means that if you’re traveling to a place that uses 220v, and you want to bring some electronics with you, you’ll probably need a voltage converter just in case you cannot find an area that uses 110v. To find out if you need a voltage converter , simply seek out the voltage of your appliances. It should be listed directly on the devices. If it lists 110v-220v, it is dual-voltage, and you do not need a voltage converter for it.
If it only says 110v, you need a voltage converter , but you should be sure to buy one that has at least a 25% higher wattage than the given appliance. The wattage is a number that is usually listed on the device itself, along with the voltage and amp. However, if it is not listed, simply multiply the voltage by the amp. The product is the wattage. Now you are ready to buy a voltage converter .

Brazil plug adapter
Brazil voltage converter

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