Travel Makes You Happier Than Wealth

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Money can’t buy you happiness, but can experience? Oftentimes, materials seem to fail us, while memories live on. If you are planning a trip overseas, make sure you are prepared with plug adaptors and voltage converters to be sure you capture memories in all the best ways! Read on to understand the long-term benefits of traveling.

  1. Material Objects Are Temporary – In a recent study, it was found that purchasing a new object and travel both brought happiness. The catch? The joy that came with the material item would only last so long. A new car, a new piece of furniture, or a new sweater will eventually become ordinary objects. As time goes on, people tend to adapt to material things, leaving them with a void, whereas those who travel will continue to revisit their memories and experiences, allowing them something to joyously reflect back on.
  2. Never Know What to Expect – The best part of traveling is never knowing what to expect. You can have your entire trip mapped out and hotels booked, but with an open mind, an opportunity of a lifetime could perhaps pop up and lead you to somewhere you’ve never been or permit you to do something you’ve never done.
  3. Understanding Other Cultures – Whether you are in one of the most expensive cities in the world or a developing country, you will quickly learn to adapt to the culture through food, humor, spirituality, and more. This is a great tool for learning how to connect with people of all different walks of life. It also creates great conversation if you just so happen to meet someone who has been to the same places as you or has interest in them.

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  1. Travel Helps You Understand What Really Matters – Keeping up with the Joneses is exhausting. Our entire lives are constantly infiltrated by marketing. We are always being told what to buy. And when we do, it’s immediately time to upgrade. It’s a never-ending cycle. When you travel, all you need is the bare necessities. Experience will fill in the rest.
  2. Memories That Will Last a Lifetime – As time passes, you will never forget your adventure river rafting through Oregon or staring into a volcano in Hawaii. If you choose to take the opportunity of travel, you will always have the time you road a motorbike through Vietnam or got to stand under the Eiffel Tower. You could be in your old age, reminiscing about the lovely times you experienced in another country. Perhaps in your travels, you met a long-term friend or perhaps even a spouse.
Young Couple Driving Along Country Road In Open Top Car

Young Couple Driving Along Country Road In Open Top Car

Working 40 hours a week is often a necessity, and hard work definitely brings about the ability to travel. But spending a paycheck on fleeting materials when you could be experiencing kangaroos in Australia or backpacking through Europe just doesn’t seem to make sense. If you decide to travel outside the country, be sure to check out our voltage converter 110 220 or a step down voltage converter to assure your technological devices can get emails and take photos!


Essentials for a Move to Asia

When you plan a move to Asia, you may find that you need to stay in a hostel or travel before you secure work and lodging. Because of this possibility, planning a move to this faraway land should always include packing a backpack with necessities.

There’s nothing worse than planning a stay at a hostel only to discover that you have no way to charge your cell phone because you don’t have a voltage converter, or even suddenly realizing that you’ve forgotten medication back home. These essentials should always be high on your list when traveling to areas like Asia or other international countries.

Traveling to Asia

Importance of Travel Locks

Whether you take advantage of a locker or safe deposit box at a hostel, or you simply want to secure your bag at the airport, it is important to keep several thin travel locks on your person at all times. Securing your belongings is very important in a hostel community with a lot of people coming and going. This also means that a locking backpack or bag is going to be important. No matter how many pockets and zippers a bag has, if you can’t lock it then it’s not a good choice for traveling through Asia.


A battery-operated or rechargeable headlamp is an excellent companion when staying in a hostel, and it can be of benefit while riding a train or flying, too. They enable you to see what you’re doing without using a large light or disturbing other travelers. This also comes in handy when you have to read a map or locate something outdoors after dark. More importantly, some hostels have outdoor bathrooms, and your headlamp will help you find your way.

Toiletry Bag and Towel

A good toiletry bag with a handle will keep your most important supplies dry. Fill it with items like extra toilet paper, feminine supplies (if applicable), soap, shampoo, and baby wipes for a quick and portable hygiene kit. This also makes hostel showers quick and convenient.

Always carry your own towel, too; many places don’t provide them. Even if they do, the cleanliness of said towels may be questionable (towels are particularly high-risk for bedbugs). Flip-flops are also an essential item for showering hygiene and will ward off Plantar warts. Avoiding germs is very important. The more of your own items you have on hand, the less chance you have of encountering germs and other unsavory bugs along the way.

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Travel Sheet

Also known as a sleeping liner, a microfiber travel sheet is ideal for helping you feel comfortable. Sometimes just knowing that you’re sleeping on a clean sheet is enough to help you relax. Most come in the form of a lightweight, airy sheet that folds up small enough to pack into a purse, bag, or backpack. Wrap it securely around your body while flying, at the hostel, or even while taking public transit to keep warm and snug.

Alarm Clock

Sure, it would be less hassle to just use your cell phone, but some hostels don’t have outlets near the bed, while others don’t have outlets at all. A foldable travel alarm clock is the best bet if you’re concerned about getting up at a specific time. Resting in a hostel is kind of a gamble, anyway, as they can be quite noisy, and travel is exhausting, so, when you finally do sleep, you could potentially miss a quiet smartphone alarm.

Travel Adapter

Whether your hostel provides an outlet close to your bed or not, eventually you are going to need to charge your electronics. If you purchase an international voltage adapter, look for a device with a built-in surge protector. This will keep you from having to buy new electronics before you even get settled in Asia. Visit 110220Volts today to find the best travel adaptors for your big move.

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