Keep Your Decluttering Resolution by Converting Old Home Movies to DVDs

Decluttering the home is among the most popular New Year’s resolutions made – and broken – each year. If you’re determined to start off 2017 by shedding some unneeded items from your home, an easy and effective place to start is by converting old home movies into DVDs.

Converting old home movies into DVDs

Millions of Americans have reels of old Super 8 footage sitting in their closets, taking up space and collecting dust. While they may not often watch these movies, the owners of these reels of footage likely find their contents precious. Over time, however, the film housing images of weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, and other important events will likely deteriorate.

Converting old home films to DVD can help you free up space in your home and also preserve your memories for future generations. DVDs provide a smaller, more robust storage medium than large Super 8 clips, allowing you to free up closet space for other needs.

Super 8 film had its heyday in the 1960s and 70s before being supplanted by VHS videotape in the 80s. For the Baby Boomer generation, Super 8 film was the medium used to create a visual record of their best childhood and young adult memories. While many owners of home movies think that their film is safe in storage closets, the passage of time is taking its toll. Moisture and temperature can cause substantial degradation.

Vinegar syndrome, which occurs when the acetate base used in film for many home movies since the 1950s, is a widespread problem. Vinegar syndrome can greatly diminish the picture quality and useable life of film, so preserving images before this problem becomes advanced is important.

Transferring films to DVD format

Transferring films to DVD format is an easy, inexpensive process that will preserve your home movies on a durable and easily replicated format. Once your films are on DVD, you can copy them to other DVDs and even store the information on a computer, providing lots of backup for your home movies.

How Film Is Converted to DVD

Film to DVD transfer services all have their individual processes for converting film to DVD. In general, the process involves capturing each frame of the film digitally and recording that information onto a DVD. Frame by frame capture provides the best quality reproductions of your home movies, and some film to DVD services can even improve picture quality.

Another benefit of transferring old movies to DVD is that companies providing these services often add features to make the films more navigable on DVD, such as breaking the movie up into DVD chapters.

When choosing a film to DVD transfer service, be sure to inquire about the process they use to transfer film to DVD, and their options for maintaining and improving picture quality.

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