Why You Need a Codeless DVD Player Right Now

Ever bring a DVD from your overseas travels home only to find it inoperable on your home DVD player? Ever take your portable DVD player along when you travel abroad only to find that it can’t play local DVDs?

Watching films on DVD

If so, your entertainment has been the victim of an international conspiracy.

The home entertainment industry has divided the world into six regions, and each region’s DVD players have a specific code that allows them to only play DVDs intended for distribution in those areas. The reason behind the regions is that movies and DVDs are released at different times throughout the world.

For example, a film may have already hit theaters and gone to DVD in Britain by the time it reaches America and vice versa. The regions are intended to keep consumers from watching films on DVD while they’re still in theaters in their markets.

The entertainment industry divides the world into the following six regions:

  • Region 1 – The U.S. and Canada.
  • Region 2 – Europe, the Middle East, Japan, South Africa, Egypt, North Africa.
  • Region 3 – Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia.
  • Region 4 – Mexico, South America, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Pacific Islands
  • Region 5– Russia, Eastern Europe, East Africa, West Africa, India and North Korea.
  • Region 6 – China

Owners of codeless DVD players can get around the restrictions imposed by the entertainment industry. In addition to being able to play DVDs from anywhere, these DVD players also offer the following benefits to consumers:

  • Dual voltage capability – Region-free DVD players can work at voltage settings in the U.S. and overseas. U.S. electrical outlets deliver 110 volts, while many overseas outlets deliver 220 volts. U.S.-made electronics, including DVD players, may not work safely with overseas outlets without a step-down Region-free DVD players can work at either voltage setting, allowing you to use your player wherever you go.
  • Adapt to differing video standards – European and North American countries aren’t only divided by region codes; they also use differing video standards. Playing a DVD configured to one set of standards on a player configured to a different set can cause problems. Europe uses Phase Alternating Line, or PAL, while North America uses National Television Standards Committee, or NTSC. France uses the Système Électronique pour Couleur avec Mèmoire video standard. An uncoded DVD player works well with all these standards.
  • All regular DVD features – A codeless DVD player offers all the standard features of a regular DVD player, including high picture quality, convenient user interface, input and speaker options, and more. Your codeless DVD player will function just like your regular DVD player; it will just have greater functionality abroad and be capable of playing DVDs from outside your region.

Codeless DVD players

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Six Cruise Packing Hacks to Make Your Voyage a Breeze

Tacky Hawaiian shirt? Check. Flip flops? Check. That’s all you need for a cruise, right?

Not quite. While taking a cruise on the Caribbean or Mediterranean offers an unforgettable vacation experience, your trip can get expensive really fast if you don’t pack some necessary items.

Remember, you’re going to be on that boat for a week. If you didn’t bring it with you, you might not be able to buy it onboard. Even if you’re able to buy it onboard, the cruise ship has you at its mercy, so be prepared to pay through the nose.

220 110 converter

These cruise packing hacks can make life easier and help travelers avoid high prices for common items on board the ship.

  • Put your most needed items in your carry-on. You won’t be able to access your checked luggage for several hours after you board the ship. That’s why you need to place your must-haves in your carry-on luggage. Medications, a change of clothes, and important electronic gear such as tablets and step down voltage converters need to be where you can get to them immediately.
  • Bring hangers. Trust us on this one; you’re going to need them. Cruise lines only provide a few hangers. You need to pack a few more so you’ll be able to hang your clothes properly, especially if you’re taking a multi-week cruise.
  • Take some Dramamine. Not all of us will suffer from sea sickness, but quite a few of us will. A prolonged case of sea sickness can make the cruise you’ve dreamed of into a nightmare. Dramamine is a lifesaver on cruises and should be in every traveler’s carry-on, especially if it’s your first time at sea.
  • Bring wine – Most cruise ships will allow passengers to bring one bottle of wine onboard. Save a little money by taking advantage of this indulgence.
  • Use your suitcase as a dresser drawer – Space comes at a premium on cruise ships, and you may find that your dresser leaves much to be desired in terms of available room. Create a storage space for your clothes by sliding a suitcase under your bed and leaving it open. You’ll be able to access the unzipped suitcase to retrieve less-frequently used items while saving room in your drawers for the clothes or items you’ll need most.
  • Don’t forget your charging gear – Most of us can’t live without our laptops, smartphones, and other electronic gear. Because cruise ships are often manufactured overseas, their electrical outlets may not be appropriate for U.S. electronics. Most foreign countries use 220-volt electrical outlets and electronics, while the U.S. standard is 110 volts. U.S. plugs won’t fit many foreign outlets, and, even if they do, the increased voltage will fry U.S. gear. 220 110 converters allow safe usage of U.S. electronic gear with foreign electrical outlets. Be sure to include one with your luggage to ensure you can keep your must-have electronics charged.

Step down voltage converter

110220Volts sells adapters, converters, and transformers that help U.S. travelers stay connected by keeping their devices charged while overseas. 110220Volts offers a wide selection of electronics, including region-free DVD players and much more. For help or a consultation, call 1-800-827-9978.

Four Reasons Why Smartphones Are a Must-Have for Traveling Abroad

While the idea of ditching your electronic tether may seem appealing when you’re vacationing abroad, the reality is that your smartphone can be an invaluable tool and a real lifesaver when you’re traveling in a foreign country.Region-free DVD

Let’s face it. Smartphones have become absolutely essential to modern life, as they provide a handy connection to information and help. While the temptation of leaving it all behind may be alluring, the truth is that if you leave your device behind, you’ll soon wish you had it. Taking your smartphone and a step down voltage converter to charge it is the right move.

Smartphones, of course, are more than just phones. They’re mini-computers that can connect us with a wealth of knowledge and communications tools. Consider these helpful functions smartphones can provide when you are traveling abroad.

  • Translation services – Many smartphones provide translation tools you can use to communicate with people whose language you do not speak. Google can translate written words for you, and there are a number of apps you can download to translate the spoken word. When you’re lost or looking for a bathroom or emergency services, a language barrier is the last thing you want to have to overcome.
  • Weather conditions – With your smartphone, you can download weather apps, or visit weather and news sites to monitor weather conditions in the places you plan to visit. Staying abreast of weather developments will help you avoid potentially dangerous situations and also give you plenty of lead time to make alternate arrangements in case inclement weather is likely to interfere with your original plans.
  • Directions – It’s easy to get lost in an unfamiliar place, especially a place where you may have difficulty asking for directions because of language barriers. Maps and navigation tools available with smartphones can help you avoid getting lost and winding up in potentially dangerous situations.
  • Emergency communication – Should unexpected mishaps occur during your trip abroad, your smartphone can be an invaluable resource for summoning local law enforcement or medical responders. It can also provide you with a lifeline to your friends and loved ones back home, to whom you may need to provide assistance should an unforeseen circumstance develop.

emergency communication

If you do intend on traveling abroad with your smartphone, it’s important to take along appropriate charging equipment to ensure the device has adequate power when you need it. Most foreign countries use different electrical outlet configurations and different voltages than those used in the United States. As a result, Americans traveling abroad often need to take along 220 to 110 voltage converters that allow their devices to safely draw power from foreign outlets.

Charging your device from a higher-voltage outlet without a converter will damage the device and may even result in a small explosion or fire. That’s why it is absolutely necessary to research overseas outlets and voltages, and purchase appropriate gear before traveling abroad.

110220Volts sells adapters, converters, and transformers that help travelers stay connected by keeping their devices charged while overseas. 110220Volts offers a wide selection of electronics, including region-free DVD players and much more. For help or a consultation, call 1-800-827-9978.