Travel Tips to Make Your Fiji Vacation Great

Fiji is a beautiful island in the South Pacific that attracts many visitors every year, and for good reason. Along with its beautiful natural settings, it has a rich and wonderful culture and more than enough attractions to keep even the most discerning tourist entertained during their travels. If you’re thinking of visiting Fiji anytime soon, we’ve got some important travel tips on what to see, what to do, and what to bring.

Try the Kava

Kava (also known as yaqona or grog) is a traditional drink served in many places in Fiji. It’s made from the ground-up roots of the pepper plant and contains very high levels of vitamin B, a natural anti-depressant and muscle relaxant. After a few cups, people report feeling relaxed and calm, with their anxiety and depression melting away (don’t worry, though: kava is both non-alcoholic and non-narcotic).

Drinking kava might take a little getting used to at first, as it numbs the lips and tongue for a short period of time. Once you get used to it, though, kava is a unique and rewarding local drink that everyone should make an effort to try.

Fiji vacation tips

Drink Bottled Water

Like in many non-first world countries, the water available on tap in Fiji isn’t always up to the standards that travelers from the U.S., Europe, or Australia are used to. While the water in Nadi and Suva (both located on Fiji’s main island) are considered safe to drink (as will be the water at tourist resorts), Fijian water may still have a strange taste that takes some getting used to.

Fortunately, bottled water should be in abundant supply, including the famous Fiji brand bottled water, which draws its supply from an underground aquifer of pure, fresh ground water.

Support Local Shops

One of the best parts of visiting Nadi, one of Fiji’s main tourist centers, is patronizing the shops run by locals. Fijian merchants are renowned for their generosity and friendliness; they’re likely to invite you into their store to have a cup of kava and spend some time talking with them.

Of course, it’s considered very rude to take a shopkeeper up on their generosity, and then not buy something from their store. If you accept a shopkeeper’s hospitality, be sure to buy at least one thing in return for their time and attention.

Fiji travel tips

Bring Voltage Converters

One thing that catches many tourists by surprise when traveling to Fiji is that their electrical outlets are a different shape and produce a different voltage than North American electronics are made to work with. Given the importance of modern electronics like smartphones and laptops, it’s safe to say that having voltage converters on hand for your Fiji vacation is an essential step for every traveler.

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