Travel Plug adapters for Ethiopia

Let’s say you’ve become a much more adventurous traveler.  Europe, the Far East, Australia … you’ve done all that.  You want something that gets to the root of human existence.  And you’ve found it — Ethiopia!  But before you sign up for your trip, you need to find out — do I need Travel Plug adapters for Ethiopia?

The answer is Yes, you do.  But why do you would you want to travel there?  Here are some good reasons:

  1. Are you a coffee-head?  A java-junkie?  Do you want to know where your morning joe started?  Ethiopia is where it started — it’s where Coffea arabica, the coffee plant, originates.  Even today, Ethiopia produces about three percent of the world’s coffee output.  And they drink it, too.  “Half of the coffee [produced in the country] is consumed by Ethiopians, and the country leads the [African] continent in domestic consumption,” according to Wikipedia.
  2. Now, after you get all hopped up on your bean-fueled refreshment, how do you burn off all that energy?  You run, of course.  Ethiopia has been famous for long-distance running since Abebe Bikila won Olympic gold for his country in 1960 and 1964. Why Ethiopia?  In a word, altitude.  If you’re simple and serious, you can train there and run there.
  3. Never mind the origin of coffee.  How about the origin of humans? “Ethiopia is widely considered the site of the emergence of anatomically modern humans … 200,000 years ago,” An Ethiopian kingdom was known from at least the 8th Century BC, and Axum was the first verified Christian power in the area, dating from the first century AD. Lalibela is famous for its rock-cut churches.

OK, so you’re ready to run around some rock-cut churches with a steaming-hot mug of Starbucks — or something better from the locals — in your hand.  And you want to use your travel brewer from home to make it.  Will it need an adapter?

Yes, it will.  Ethiopia uses three types of plugs — Types D, J, and L.  The country was electrified at different times with different development standards.  And our kit for Ethiopia covers those standards. If you want to find out more, just contact us

Ethiopia is a country in Africa who’s plug and voltage is different

Ethiopia is a country in Africa where the Nile River is called the “Blue River”. In order to use electronics from the United States in Ethiopia, as well as most other countries outside of the American continent, you need two things, a voltage converter and a plug adapter, unless you have dual-voltage electronics. Dual-voltage electronics will work in other countries that use 220v, without a voltage converter. Most countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia use 220v. North America, most of Central America, and much of South America uses 110v. Ethiopia is a country that uses 220v. The rest of Africa mostly uses 220v as well. If you are traveling to Ethiopia, be sure to bring either a voltage converter or dual-voltage appliances. If you try to use single-volt appliances in Ethiopia, you could cause a fire. But how do you know if your electronics are dual-volt or single-volt?
Look for the voltage rating directly on your appliance. If it says 110v, then it is a single-volt appliance. In this case, find the wattage by either looking on the appliance, or multiplying the voltage by the amp. Then, buy a voltage converter for this appliance that has a wattage at least 25% higher than the appliance. This helps the voltage converter to last longer.
But if you found a voltage rating on your appliance that listed 110v-220v, then it is dual-volt. You do not need a voltage converter for these appliances to function in Ethiopia and other countries that use 220v electrical current.
However, even if you are bringing dual-voltage electronics with you to Ethiopia, you still need a plug adapter, because Ethiopia uses a different type of plug than the Americas. But be careful when buying your plug adapter, because there are six different types of plug adapter corresponding to the six different international plug types, and if if you get the wrong one, it won’t work in Ethiopia. So be sure to buy the correct one.

Ethiopia plug adapter
Ethiopia voltage converter