Travel Plug Adapters: United States to China

China, a beautifully diverse and fascinating country, has a delight for every palate.  It’s medley of flavor, culture, history and natural beauty creates an unmatchable mystique. From the ice sculptures of Harbin to the tea houses of Chengdu, enchantment is just along the next ridge. A journey along the Silk Road is an amazing experience as well– you’ll be able to trek the Great Wall, leading to the spectacular beige towers of the Jiayuguan fort.

You’ll want to capture and share these wonderful memories. To prevent a damper on your vacation of allure and wonder be sure to pack the appropriate adapter and converter for China’s plugs and sockets.

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Are you going to China?

China is a large country in Asia. You may be planning a trip there. You may want to experience the Great Wall, the food, or to study something. However, you should know that China uses electrical plugs that are shaped differently from the ones you are used to in the United States. You might be planning to bring some of your electronics to China , but American-style plugs are not used at all in China . There are six different types of plugs that are used around the world, and most countries outside North and South America use the common three-cylindrical-pronged design. China uses this model, but also three other types of plugs. But you do not need to buy new electronics in China in order to use any electronics there. You simply need plug adapters. Purchase all of the types that you will need in China , and be sure to buy the correct kind, keeping in mind there are six total plug types, and China uses four of those.
Most places outside of North America also use a higher voltage current. 110v is the voltage used by North America and most of Central and South America. However, in most other continents, 220v is used. In countries where 220v is used, it is important to bring a voltage converter that has a 25% higher wattage rating than the appliance you are using it for. In China , the voltage used is 220v, the most commonly used voltage. So if you are going to China , be sure to also get a voltage converter . This does not apply if you are bringing dual-voltage appliances. However, single-volt appliances will need a voltage converter . The wattage should be indicated on the indication panel of the devices. If not, multiply the voltage by the amp. Then you can buy the correct voltage converter s foor your selected appliances.

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