Important Travel Tips for Vacationing in Cambodia

In recent decades, Cambodia has become a beloved vacation destination for travelers the world over. The country’s unique culture, rich history, and desirable location in Southeast Asia make it rewarding enough to visit, but the fact that it’s possible to visit the country on less than $50 per day adds an even greater appeal to a Cambodian vacation.

If you’re interested in visiting Cambodia but aren’t sure what to see or how to prepare, we’ve put together this great list of helpful tips for making your Cambodian vacation go smoothly.

Cambodia travel tips

Make Sure to Visit Angkor Wat

Originally built between 1112 and 1152, Angor Wat is the largest existing religious building in the world. Putting the great Western religious monuments like the Sistine Chapel to shame, Angkor Wat is the physical representation of Mt. Meru, the sacred mountain where the gods of the Hindu faith reside.

The temple is the legacy of the Khmer kings of ancient Cambodia, and a source of intense national pride for Cambodians to this day. In addition to its vast size, Angkor Wat also features over 3,000 stone carvings of apsaras, or “heavenly nymphs,” carved into its walls.

Be Sure to Visit Bamboo Island

An hour off the coast of the town of Sihanoukville lies Bamboo Island, one of the most unique and interesting places in all of Cambodia. It’s a small island, one that takes only 10 minutes to walk across, and it has no electricity except for a brief few hours in the evening.

What Bamboo Island does have, however, are lots of chances to interact with locals. If you’re able to get space in one of the island’s bungalows, you’ll get the chance to dance, eat, and talk with the local community in an incredibly personal and enriching way. Don’t pass up this unique chance to experience a unique local culture.

Enjoy the Night Life

Given Cambodia’s geographic location and jungle setting, most people wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it can get very hot during the day. Don’t worry, though – the heat doesn’t keep people from enjoying themselves. In order to avoid spending too much time in the oppressive heat, Cambodians make up for it with a bustling nightlife.

Cambodia vacation tips

Ride a Tuk Tuk

The tuk tuk (also known as the auto rickshaw) is one of the primary modes of transportation in Cambodia. These three-wheeled taxi cabs are common in the developing world, and they are likely to be one of your main modes of transportation while staying in the country.

Don’t Forget the Voltage Converters

Like many foreign countries, Cambodian electrical outlets are a different shape and voltage than those commonly found in North America. In order to keep your electronics powered while visiting the country, you’ll need to bring voltage converters that let you plug your American electronics into Cambodian outlets.

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