110220Volts World Wide Products

110220Volts has known to become the leading buying option for overseas buyers. It offers all major brands of everyday electrical appliances that we would use. With in such a short time of its launch date, it has become very popular amongst its new customers for their excellent customer service, delivery speed and variety of products.

What does it have to offer?

110220Volts is known for offering a variety of to World Wide Products which include accessories,  adapters, DVD players & recorders, home theater systems, fax machine, telephones, gaming consoles, camcorders, voltage converters, TV’s, VCR’s and the list just goes on.

What makes them the leading buying option?

There unique and user friendly website allows any customer to easily be able to find what they are looking for. All products have been cleverly divided into major categories, however if that doesn’t work for you, their quick response search will definitely do the trick.

Seeing it is a online website, many always have argued over the fact of you really don’t know what your buying until it gets delivered. However with 110220 Volts, it is an exception. Each item on the website is associated with a product specification and a real time picture of what you would expect to get in the post upon delivery. This allows you as a customer to know what you’re actually purchasing.

Where do they deliver?

110220Volts mainly became popular due to its wide delivery network. It covers all major countries from the USA right down to China. With its speedy delivery service and special features offered to only members, it is definitely a reliable website that we have been eagerly awaiting.

Is it secure?

110220Volts is verified by both the “BBOnline seal” and “authorize.net merchant”. It is also been secured by all major credit cards including master card, visa and pay pal for payments.

Where to find them?

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110220Volts has a large variety of accessories

110220Volts – Accessories

110220 Volts has a large variety of accessories to offer to its customers. They range from batteries, cables, memory cards, TV antennas, camcorder bags, cell phone accessories, tapes and remotes. These are only a few categories mentioned of what they have to offer.

110220 Voltsspeciality

They are especially known for their latest and up to date product variety for digital cameras. They have just recently advertised the latest Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera at the most competitive price available in the market today.

Sony Cyber-shot digital camera

This unique and immaculate 5.1 mega pixel camera is the new definition of HD picture quality. With Sony’s revolutionised technology of histogram display, this camera is now available to offer perfect resolution images due to its deep pixel concentration. It comes with the basic digital camera features including flash, zoom and standard 32 MB memory card. However this latest master piece has also some new advanced features to offer such as the 9 short burst modes. Where this product has caught the eye of many camera lovers, is in its new advanced features which are offered at an easy to use level, even for beginners.

Why 110220volts?

110220 volts provide all the specification facts in full detail which allow you as a user to understand what you are actually buying. All products available at 110220 Volts come with an extended warranty of their own usually of one year. Their amazing customer service and delivery guarantees will amaze even an experienced buyer. Their prices are the best available in the market as they do all the “dirty” work for us. They have already compared all the prices available online and have made sure that their prices are the best that you can get.

See all of the electronics products available now. Electronics and Accessories

Too good to be true

Have a look for your self at Accessories

110220Volts – Adapters

110220Volts – Adapters

Tired of searching through thousands of websites that have all the adapters you need? Well your search is over. 110220Volts is known to have the largest adapter’s directory available online today. They specialise in all types ranging from battery chargers to foreign universal plug adapters. All there products are of brand named companies which offer 100% quality products.

They are popularly known for selling the largest variety of Laptop Adapters

They don’t sell any ordinary laptop adapters, but switching mode universal regulated adapters. Many ask the difference between them. Well a universal regulated adapter contains the ability to be able to change its node according to the laptop specification. As many laptop users will know, every laptop has an individual node that it is plugged into based on the manufacture of your laptop. What a universal regulated adapter provides is the basic 220 and 110 voltage adapter, but with the option to change the node according to your own needs. This allows you to use one charging adapter for a number of various laptops that you may have. Most of them contain up to eight changeable plugs.

Adapters offered by 110220Volts are not to be found anywhere else

It is nearly impossible to find such unique and practical adapters online let alone in the market. Even if you happen to succeed it will most probably be from another buyer who originally purchased it from 110220Volts and has put it up for re-sale. However not knowing the condition he has used the product in, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it. 110220Volts offers guarantee of their products and assure that their quality and service provided can not be matched anywhere else. They carefully conduct market research and based on all the prices in the market, aim to set the most competitive price for their customers.

You won’t believe it until you see it

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Overseas Step Down Voltage Converter Transformer
Code: 100-WATT
Mfg. Part number: THG-100
Power Converter

  • Changes 220/240 Volt (Foreign Electricity) to 110/120 Volt (U.S. Electricity)
  • Fuse Protection with replaceable fuse (Comes with two extra fuses!!!)
  • Input jack for American Grounded Plug
  • Durable steel chassis
  • Ac Shock Proof sockets
  • European Standard cord built in
  • Durable industrial type cord
  • Many Plug Aapters Available
  • Designed for continuous use
  • Dimensions 5 x 5 x 3 inches