Eco-Friendly Ways to Use Everyday Appliances Through Converters

Today many people are actively trying to make greener choices to protect the environment and, in some cases, fatten their wallets. We’re all aware of reducing our energy use by turning off lights, purchasing energy star appliances, and choosing renewable energy options whenever possible.

In some instances, there aren’t many options when it comes to power usage, such as when you need to use voltage converters. However, there are still ways to use your converter and everyday appliances without wasting unnecessary power.

Voltage converters

Unplug When Possible

There are many everyday appliances that don’t need to have a steady supply of electricity running to them. Whether you are using a converter or not, simply unplug the devices or power strip when not in use. DVD players, televisions, stereos, computers, and any other appliances that don’t need power when they’re not in use can be unplugged. It just takes a second to plug an appliance in when you need to turn it back on.

Check Energy Ratings

Some appliances such as refrigerators need a constant stream of electricity. This means that you have no real choice in the matter if you want your food to stay cold and fresh. However, your choice of appliance could help save power and reduce your electricity usage. Energy Star appliances are rated for energy savings and will use far less electricity than your 1980s fridge. If you haven’t purchased new Energy Star appliances, you are not taking advantage of all your opportunities for energy savings.

Turn Down Your Water Heater

A water heater is an appliance that can suck up a significant amount of electricity. By simply lowering the thermostat on the water heater and having a smaller capacity heater, you can save energy. You may have to take a shorter shower or run fewer loads of laundry to see the savings on your electric bill, but something this simple is a no-brainer.

Change Your Settings and Habits

Did you know that most dishwashers have a heat dry option? This is an expensive, energy-sucking option that is wholly unnecessary. Turn it off.

The same goes for cooking. If you can make something in the microwave or conversion oven in a fraction of the time that it takes on the stove top or conventional oven, then choose the lesser amount of time. This uses a fraction of the energy and also allows you to spend time doing other things you enjoy.

Instead of running the dryer for each load of clothes, try hanging towels and sheets to dry. Each skipped load of laundry in the dryer saves power.

We use so many appliances in our day-to-day lives because they are convenient. They can also be hard on the environment and cost us significant money when it comes to our energy bills. By using your appliances in eco-friendly ways, you will find that not only do you help the environment, but you save money as well.

It’s a win-win that just takes a few moments of thought and making smarter choices. If you have new appliances and need to purchase voltage regulators, browse our website today to find the best options for your home.

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