New Year’s Travel: The One Thing You Must Remember

As the new year is upon us, there’s a good chance you are already making travel plans. Along with resolutions, goals to travel to foreign countries are a big priority at this time of year. You’ll load up your suitcase with all the things you think you may need, from sunscreen to extra phone chargers, and off you’ll go.

You may feel as if you’re packing up your whole house in order to travel without having to purchase anything on the way, but there is one thing that you may not remember, and it could be detrimental to your electronics when you travel. Voltage converters are a must-have when traveling overseas.

110 to 220 converter

What Are Voltage Converters?

Some countries do not use the same voltage and electricity that we do here in the United States. If you were to take your laptop to Germany and plug it into the wall, there’s a good chance that not only would it not power on, but it might never work properly again because the electric current in Germany is different.

Purchasing 110 to 220 converters or vice versa is important when you travel. All those electronics you packed will be useless if you can’t charge them or power them up. A converter is a small device that will plug directly into the power source where you travel and convert the electricity into a voltage that is safe for your U.S. products.

Easily Forgettable

Unlike gas pumps which have a different nozzle end for diesel than for unleaded gas, most electrical outlets look the same, and your devices will plug in just fine. The problem arises once you have plugged in your device and, by then, it could be too late.

Along with converting money before traveling, finding out about the electrical system and what kind of voltage converter you will need should be at the top of your vacation to-do list. Some higher end hotels and resorts may provide converters for international travelers, but, to be safe, you should have your own and remember to pack them!

Ignorance Could Be Costly

Many travelers to Europe are unaware of the electricity issue, and, before they realize it, they have damaged many of their valuable electronics. Unfortunately, many travel websites don’t mention the need for converters when advising of items to bring along.

Imagine going on your dream vacation, spending money on tickets, reservations, a new digital camera, and a tablet for uploading all your pictures. Then, when you arrive, you don’t know about the converter issue and you plug in your tablet and camera to charge, only to discover that they are ruined and you have to purchase yet another set of expensive electronics or you won’t have any photos of your trip.

Whether you are traveling on a budget or not, throwing away brand new devices and purchasing new ones could be costly.

Even if you don’t need a converter, a voltage regulator may be a good investment for traveling. Rather than hoping to avoid power surges and damage to electronic devices, you’ll be protected.  Before you travel overseas, visit our website to order your voltage converter and/or regulator. You’ll be glad you did.

110 to 220 voltage converter

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