Necessary Accessories to European Vacations

You may have heard stories about people traveling to Europe and having trouble with the electrical outlets. But do you know why these problems occur, and how to avoid them if you should ever plan a trip to England, Spain, France or Denmark? Well, the electricity and electrical products work differently in Europe. They use 220V, while in the United States, as well as Central and South America, 110V is used. This means that if you bring an electrical device to Europe with you, and try to plug it in, you will not be able to, but your attempts might even start a fire. So it is important to buy a volt converter or transformer to avoid these problems.

Some things do not need a volt converter/transformer. Rechargeable devices like digital cameras and laptop computers are often dual-volt. You can use dual-volt electronics in Europe without a converter. Examine your items to find out if they are dual-volt. If it reads 110V-220V, it is dual-volt. On the other hand, if it only reads 110V, it is a single-volt, and you need a converter for it.

After finding all your belongings that are single-volt, deduce the wattage of these by multiplying the voltage by the amp. However, the wattage may be indicated on the appliances themselves. After you know the wattage, you must purchase a converter. It is recommended that you buy one that has a 25% higher wattage rating than the appliance. You will get more usages out of the converter this way.

Lastly, buy a plug adapter. All appliances need a plug adapter in order to fit into the European wall sockets!

If you happen to forget to buy or pack your voltage converters before you traveled to Europe, there is no need to worry. You can buy voltage converters, transformers, and plug adapters at Overseas Best Buy

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