DVD Recorder Friendly Video Duplicator CGMS CGMA Copy Guard Eliminator, 110 220 volts 50 60 HZ
Installation Instructions


1.) Audio Video Cables or S-Video & Audio Output from  DVD Recorder into the Input of TV.

You should now be able to see the DVD Recorder's Menu on the TV Screen. If not make sure you have connected the DVD Recorders Video and Audio output cables into the Video and Audio Input of the TV

2.) Component Video Output from DVD player to Component Input into the CGD Box.

3.) Composite or S-Video Output from CGD into the DVD Recorder Video Input.

4.) Audio Output form DVD Player to Audio Input into the DVD Recorder.

The DVD Recorders channel should be in the correct Line Input

Should be able to see the DVD Players screen on the TV screen through the DVD Recorder

Make Sure that the DVD Players menu has been set to output in Component mode or the picture may not be in the correct color

You are now done. Ready to make copies of DVD Movies. Insert the DVD you would like to copy into the DVD Player and put a blank disc into the DVD Recorder, then just press play and record.