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LG 42" 42PC3RV Multisystem PLASMA DISPLAY 110 220 Volts Zoom

LG 42" 42PC3RV Multisystem PLASMA DISPLAY 110 220 Volts

This model has been discontinued, for the newer model that replaces this model see details below, or go to the replacement model.

Product Availability: Discontinued

Replacement model:

LG 42LN5100 42 Multi-System LED TV FULL HD 110-220 VOLTS
Price: $649.99
Product Description


  1. LG 42PC3RV Multisystem Plasma Display for 110-240 Volts
  2. Worldwide NTSC/PAL/SECAM Color System - Watch any video signal on this TV!
  3. Worldwide NTSC/PAL BG/PAL I/Secam BG, DK/ PAL DK TV tuners enables you to plug your cable TV line right into the TV and start watching.
  4. General Specifications
  5. 42 / 106cm Screen Size
  6. Screen Format 16:9 Wide Screen
  7. Brightness: 1500cd/m2
  8. Contrast Ratio: 10000:1
  9. Viewing Angle: 160
  10. Resolution: 852 x 480
  11. HDMI Input (HDCP Capable)
  12. Includes: Desk Stand and Speakers
  13. General Features - Visual
  14. XD Engine III - Auto
  15. XD Engine for truly realistic HD images, from the displays input stage to the final image output stage. XD Engine uses its digital circuit to unite
  16. all processes to produce a clear and colorful digital image like no other. Utilising complete digital technology, rather than transforming images
  17. from an analogue signal, image noise and any sort of signal degradation is prevented so that a truly clear and distortion free digital image results.
  18. XD Engine III - Manual
  19. XD Engine allows for certain functions to be manually activated.
  20. XD Contrast: Optimizing the contrast automatically according to the brightness possible light reflections.
  21. XD Colors: Adjusts colors automatically to reproduce as closely as possible to natural colors.
  22. XD NR (Noise Reduction): Removes signal noise up to a point where it doesnt damage image quality.
  23. XD Engine - 3D Noise Reduction
  24. XD Engine analyzes and reduces noise in both the current and the next frame. This reduces noise more accurately and provides greater picture detail.
  25. XD Engine - 3D Colors Control
  26. The hue, saturation and brightness are all taken into consideration as each images colour is adjusted to create the most naturally realistic image.
  27. Clear Filter Feature
  28. The Clear filter feature has been developed to minimize reflections caused by ambient light sources. The Clear filter technology eliminates
  29. the layer of air between Glass Filter and Plasma, the removal of the Air Layer allows unit to display images that provide greater Brightness (Up 5%),
  30. increased Contrast (Up 15%) and improved colors purity.
  31. Digital Comb Filter
  32. Filters composite signal to remove fuzziness; increasing clarity of displayed image.
  33. DLTi / DCTi
  34. Digital Luminance Transient Improvement (DLTi) and Digital Colors Transient Improvement (DCTi) has been implemented to improve both
  35. chrominance and luminance signals to provide sharper, brighter images.
  36. CSM Color Status Memory - Color Temperature Control - 4 Modes
  37. Cool setting: emphasises blue tones and decreases intense colors.
  38. Warm setting: emphasises red tones and decreases cool colors.
  39. Normal setting: basic picture setting.
  40. User setting: Allows for the manual adjustment of Red, Greens and Blues as preferred by user.
  41. Black Stretcher
  42. The Black Stretcher circuitry electronically makes the dark positions of the picture truly black and significantly clears up the difference between
  43. the brightest white and the deepest black, thereby creating extra-high contrast which results in outstanding image quality.
  44. Aspect Ratio Correction
  45. 4:3 - Conventional Screen Size.
  46. 16:9 - Wide Screen format.
  47. PSM - Picture Status Memory - 5 Modes
  48. Dynamic: Displays images sharper and clear.
  49. Standard: General display status.
  50. Mild: Displays images softer and less intense.
  51. User 1: Personal settings.
  52. User 2: Personal settings.
  53. PSM - User Setting (1 & 2)
  54. The User 1 and User 2 allow storage of 2 separate picture settings by adjusting the following selections:
  55. Contrast: Adjusts the difference between light and dark levels in the picture.
  56. Brightness: Increases or decreases amount of white levels displayed picture.
  57. Colour: Adjusts intensity of all colours.
  58. Sharpness: Adjusts the level of crispness of pictures, the lower the setting the softer the image.
  59. Tint: Adjusts the balance between red and green levels.
  60. ISM (Image Sticking minimization) Method
  61. A stilled or paused image displayed on screen for prolonged periods will result in a ghosting effect. To alleviate this occurrence a number of
  62. options available:
  63. White Wash: Removes semi-permanent images from screen. (This function may not remove all ghosting images)
  64. Orbiter: Orbiter may help prevent ghost image by moving stilled / paused image every 2 minutes.
  65. Inversion: This function inverts panel colour automatically every 30 minutes.
  66. It is advised that stilled or paused images are avoided wherever possible
  67. General Features - Audio
  68. SSM - Sound Status Memory - 5 Modes / Surround Sound
  69. The SSM function allows user select a preferred sound setting from 5 preset factory settings as well as a surround sound setting.
  70. Flat: Selected for commanding and natural audio.
  71. Music: Selected for listening to Music.
  72. Movie: Selected for Movie viewing.
  73. Sport: Selected for sport coverage.
  74. User setting: User defined audio setting.
  75. XTS PRO: Selected for a simulated surround effect.
  76. SSM - User setting
  77. Allows for the storage of the users preferred audio settings, selected from a 5 band equalizer.
  78. AVL - Auto Volume Leveler
  79. The AVL feature maintains an equal volume level; even when you change channels.
  80. Speaker Control
  81. The balance adjustment controls volume output between the left and right speakers.
  82. Speaker Control allows speakers to be switched either on or off as desired.
  83. Speaker output selection allows left and right audio signals to be sent through opposing speakers, left and right speaker produce left audio signal or left
  84. and right speaker produce right audio signal.
  85. NICAM Stereo
  86. NICAM stereo reception allows unit to receive high quality dual channel audio signal.
  87. General Features - Special
  88. PIP - Picture in Picture
  89. The PIP function lets the user enjoy 2 different images on the same screen. One image will be a full screen image (Main Source) and the second being
  90. an inserted, smaller image (Sub Source).
  91. The PIP - DW functions divides screen in half to produce 2 images (Both Main & Sub Source image) of equal size.
  92. PIP Size function allows sub source image to be increased as desired (3 settings).
  93. PIP Move function allows sub source to be moved to the corners of main source image.
  94. Main Source - Component / RGB (D-Sub) / HDMI
  95. Sub Source - AV / RF Input
  96. Teletext Decoding
  97. Teletext allows the user almost instant access to News bulletins, Weather reports and Sports results, plus much more at the touch of a button.
  98. The Teletext decoder of this TV can support the Simple, TOP and Fastext systems.
  99. Clock / Timer Options
  100. This unit allows for the input of current time.
  101. The On / Off Timer functions allows unit to switch on then switch off at a desired time or vice versa.
  102. The Sleep Timer function will automatically switch unit to stand-by mode after a pre-selected time has elapsed.
  103. The Auto Sleep function will automatically switch unit to stand-by mode after 10 minutes if an input signal has not been detected.
  104. Cild Lock
  105. When selected, operation is achieved with remote control only, as this function disables units control panel.
  106. Lw Power
  107. The Low Power function reduces the power consumption of the unit.
  108. Multi Function Remote Control
  109. The Remote control has the ability to operate LG and other branded devices such as DVD and VCRs, refer to user manual for confirmation of applicable brands.
  110. PC Display - Auto & Manual Configuration
  111. Auto Configure automatically adjusts picture position and minimizes image shaking.
  112. Manual Configure allows for the adjustment of Clock and Phase settings.
  113. Set up Functions
  114. The Auto programming function allows unit to automatically scan and store all receivable stations.
  115. The Manual tuning function allows user to manually scan and store stations as desired.
  116. The Fine tuning function allows user to accurately tune channels that have a weak or poor reception.
  117. Each stored channel can be assigning a station name to help identify individual channels.
  118. The Programme Edit function allows user to edit stored channel by deleting, moving, skipping and copying channels as desired.
  119. The Favourite programme function allows user select and store up to 8 of their favourite channels allowing for quick access via
  120. the FAV button on the remote control.
  121. Initialization (Reset)
  122. Returns unit to factory default settings.
  123. Dimensions:
  124. (W) 1129mm x (H) 749mm x (D) 388mm (With Stand)
  125. (W) 1129mm x (H) 695mm x (D) 104mm (Without Stand)
  126. Weight:
  127. 33 Kg
  128. World-wide Dual Voltage 110-240 volts 50-60 hertz
    Power: 100-110-220-240 Volts 50/60 HZ (for WORLDWIDE use)
    System: Multisystem


    Display *
    Aspect Ratio : 16:9
    * Resolution :
    852x480p *
    Brightness :
    * Contrast Ratio :
    10,000 : 1 Video *
    Digital Comb Filter
    : 3D * Color
    Temperature Control
    * Aspec Ratio
    Correction :
    [Spectacle/ Original
    ] * APC(PSM) :
    Sound * Audio Output
    : 10W x 2 * PIP :
    or AV(sub) *
    PIP/Twin Picture :
    [1 Tuner] * Split
    Zoom : [DW] General
    * Power
    Consumption(W) :
    270W * Size (W x H x
    D) with Stand : 1129
    X 748.5 X 380 *
    Weight (with Stand)
    (General) : 30 kg
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